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How Fast Hair Grows After Cutting It

You’ve probably heard that cutting the ends of your hair is good. Many people think that they can increase the speed of hair growth this way.

We at 5-Minute Crafts decided to shed some light on this popular opinion and find out why it’s necessary to cut the ends of your locks.

Follicles determine hair growth.

Does hair grow faster after cutting it? In short, no. Cutting the ends doesn’t have any influence on how fast the hair grows. Hair growth is determined by the hair follicles on your head and the speed depends on a combination of factors, such as genes, food, and the climate you live in.

There’s a similar misconception about hair growth on the body. Again, the follicles determine the hair growth. Cutting or shaving the ends doesn’t influence the follicles, nor does it make the hair any thicker.

So why do we hear that cutting ends is good even though it doesn’t affect hair growth?

Why we should cut the ends of our hair

The end of a hair is the weakest part of the lock. If you leave the ends for a long time, they’ll start breaking and splitting over time. If you don’t stop the process, the ends may ruin the entire strands of hair. Cutting or trimming is he only way to get rid of the damaged areas, and there’s no way to treat them.

Thanks to cutting, hair looks healthier and shinier. But if your goal is to grow long hair, it’s important not to overdo it. Your hair grows about half an inch a month, so you might want to aim for a 1/4-inch trim every 3 months or so.

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