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How to Apply Concealer

Concealer is a great product for hiding pimples, redness, and dark circles under the eyes. But if you apply it incorrectly, you’re likely to highlight these features instead of camouflage them. 5-Minute Crafts decided to save you from potential makeup mistakes and came up with a list of instructions on how to apply concealer to get a flawless look.

  • Make sure your skin is clean before you apply any makeup products. Gently wash your face and exfoliate your skin if necessary. This way, makeup is likely to cover your skin more smoothly.
  • Moisturize your skin before applying any makeup products so that your skin will stay hydrated throughout the day. If your skin is dry and irritated, no concealer will look good on it.
  • Foundation and primer help smooth out your skin and create a canvas for your makeup.
  • Primer helps your makeup stay in place the whole day and provides a good base for it. Choose a primer in accordance with your skin type.
  • It’s better to apply concealer on top of the foundation and not the other way around to prevent your makeup from looking cakey.

Step 3: Apply concealer under your eyes.

  • Start with drawing an upside-down triangle with your concealer. Its base should be located under your eye and the tip should be pointing toward your cheek. This trick helps to cover dark spots and freshen up your whole face.
  • When you apply concealer only on your problem areas, like under your eyes, without moving down to the cheeks, you emphasize them instead of hiding them.
  • Apply your concealer in a patting motion and dab it with your finger, a sponge, or a makeup brush. Make sure you don’t drag your concealer with your finger or makeup tools to avoid creases.

Note: You’re likely to need different types of concealers for different parts of your face. For example, it’s better to use light and illuminating formulas for the area under your eyes and high-coverage concealers for pimples.

  • Gentry dab a tiny bit of high-coverage concealer onto the blemish. Make sure it blends nicely with your skin.
  • If the concealer that matches your skin tone isn’t enough to hide the blemish, apply a bit of green concealer to the pimple while avoiding the skin around it. Then blend a bit of high-coverage concealer that matches your skin tone onto it to cover the green tone. Blend it well.
  • Dab the concealer that matches your skin tone around your nose and on any red spots on your face. You can use your ring finger or a makeup sponge for this. Make sure you thoroughly blend in the concealer and that it doesn’t stand out on your skin.
  • Apply your color-correcting concealer to your dark spots while using a makeup blender.
  • Then, gently tap the blender against your skin to get the harsh lines out.
  • Once again, apply the concealer that matches your skin tone to avoid having different shades on your face.

Note: Please be aware that the color-correcting concealer should not be the same as the one that matches your skin tone. Instead, it is meant to have a shade that corrects your dark spots according to your skin tone.

  • Setting powder helps your concealer stay in place and keeps it color-intensive throughout the day.
  • Be careful when you apply setting powder around your eyes. It’s better to avoid covering the outer eye as not to emphasize wrinkles. Go for light and brightening powders on this area and avoid heavy, oil-absorbing products.
  • You can skip applying powder if you used concealer to cover a blemish that has dry skin around it. Otherwise, you’ll only highlight the excessive dryness and attract more attention to it.

Note: You can substitute other makeup products with a concealer.

Use concealer as a primer for your eyelids.

  • If you don’t have an eye primer, dab a bit of concealer on your eyelids and let it settle. This trick will prevent your eyeshadow from creasing.

Use concealer as a highlighter.

  • You can use a concealer of a lighter shade as a highlighter. Just apply it to your brow bone or to the cupid’s bow to illuminate your face, highlight your eyes, and make your lips appear fuller.

Hide your makeup mistakes with a concealer.

  • If your eyeliner looks a bit messy, apply some liquid concealer on an angled brush and clean up the lines, making them neat and removing any makeup mistakes. This way, you won’t have to take your makeup off and start all over again.
Please note: This article was updated in October 2021 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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