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How to Choose a Mascara Wand

There are several types of mascara wands. The way your eyes look and what impression they make on people depends a lot on the type of mascara wand you use. Different shapes, materials, and lengths of the bristles allow to achieve completely different results: some wands are better at making lashes appear longer, whereas others are great for curling and creating volume.

5-Minute Crafts is going to tell you about the different shapes of mascara wands and what effects they can achieve.

Full wand

Best for: volume

Most mascara wands are cylinders with a sharp end. This shape is the most comfortable to use. Such wands carry more mascara, which helps to create more volume. Most of the mascara gets at the base of the lashes, and each next layer increases the volume.


Best for: curling

The arc hugs the natural shape of your lashes to help coax them upward. Make sure to wiggle the wand mid-stroke to hit every lash.

Thin and long

Best for: eyelash length

The skinny wands grab the very base of the lash and coat each of them. As a result, the lashes look longer. Additionally, these short bristles decrease the risk of dark spots appearing on the eyelids.


Best for: precise application

Short wands are for small areas of the lower and upper lashes. Thanks to the size, you can coat the lashes in the eye corners without running the risk of gluing them together. If you have small eyes, this is the best wand for you.


Best for: adding volume and length

Such wands have long and short teeth that separate the eyelashes. The fine teeth create volume at the roots and spread the mascara evenly to the tips.

Pointed tip

Best for: creating volume and even application

The rounded section of the pointed tip on the wand allows for the traditional horizontal application while the pointed end allows easy access to hard-to-hit areas, like the inner shorter lashes.

Spike ball

Best for: highlighting certain areas

Using the ball spike wand, you can add volume and separate the lashes well. Such wands are usually made of silicone or plastic. They are typically small so you can highlight the areas you want and adjust the length. You could focus on the middle lashes to create a rounder open eye effect, or on the outer ends to elongate the eye shape by giving more length there.

Ball end

Best for: even mascara application

This brush is cylinder-shaped with spikes at the tip that helps to coat both the small lashes in the inner corner along with longer ones.


Best for: curling and adding volume

The brush coats the lashes in 3 spots. You have to move it side to side from the base to the tips.


Best for: eyelash separation

Comb wands are usually small, thin, and made of silicone. They have teeth only on one side. You can use them to separate the lashes without increasing the volume or length.

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