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How to Choose Eye Shadows for Your Eye Color

Choosing the color of eye shadow can be challenging, so you might think skipping your eyes is a good idea. However, eyeshadow is a powerful tool in your makeup if you use the right hue. It can highlight your eyes’ natural tone, make them look lighter, add some intensity to your look, or even transform your daytime makeup for an evening out.

5-Minute Crafts has prepared the guide to help you choose eye shadow color according to your eye color to look stunning every day.

1. Brown eyes

If you have brown eyes, you can use almost every color on them.

  • To visually lighten the eye color, use a mossy green eye shadow.
  • Brown eyes often have a natural sparkle, so gold eye shadows, like bronze, rose gold, and shimmery yellow, highlight their golden tones.
  • If your aim is to make your eyes stand out, you can apply purple. For daytime looks, choose lighter shades of purple and use darker shades for evening.
  • To add some intensity, you can use black.

2. Blue eyes

The eye shadow color can change the appearance of blue eyes, so try different options to achieve the desired effect.

  • Orange is a good color to enhance blue eyes. You can mix it with a beige or pink eye shadow to highlight a bold blue eye color.
  • To accent the gold highlights in the eyes, use gold and bronze.
  • Choosing blue eye shadow is a simple way to make the natural intensity of blue eyes stand out.
  • Lighter green colors, such as turquoise and teal, match blue-green eyes, while darker shades might be too bright.

3. Green eyes

The majority of eye shadow colors match green eyes, however, you can use bright colors to intensify your look and soft ones to complement your eye color.

  • Since green is opposite to red on the color wheel, you can wear all hues of red on green eyes. However, red is pretty bright and more suitable for the evening. To soften your look use pink shades such as rose gold or cherry blossom.
  • If your green eyes have a cool tone, chose silver or dark brown for your eye shadows. They will enhance your natural eye color.
  • Purple will complement green eyes especially if your eyes have gold or yellow flecks in them. For the day you can use lighter hues and darker ones for the evening.

4. Gray eyes

Gray eyes look good with various colors.

  • Use chocolate, purple, or mocha colors to highlight brown-gray eyes.
  • Choose steely hues, like silver or icy blue to make your gray eyes look brighter.
  • Use peaches, rich bronzes, and coppery shades if your eyes are blue-gray.
  • Your green-gray eyes look best paired with purple and orange shades.
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