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How to Choose Nail Polish Color

Choosing the right nail polish color for yourself is not always an easy task. In fact, it can be as hard as deciding what to wear. However, following a guide based on a few factors can make this task a tad easier.

We at 5-Minute Crafts have a few tips on how to choose the most flattering nail polish colors based on your skin tone.

Choose a nail polish color according to your skin tone.

Pale or light skin tone:

Choose colors that will highlight your skin even more. Go for colors from nude and baby blue to pastel pink.

Avoid dark shades of colors because this might create a contrast that won’t look as nice.

Fair skin tone:

Choose from a large variety of colors and you can apply many different shades.

Avoid yellow-based, bright orange-red, and bright shades of red, because these can overpower your skin tone.

Tip: If you want to apply a sophisticated color, then make sure you avoid shades of orange and green.

Tanned skin tone:

Choose colors that are bright because these will enhance the tone of your skin. So, go for bright shades of yellow undertones, purple, pink, and blue.

Avoid colors that match your skin as well as gold.

Olive or medium skin tone:

Choose peach or gold nail polish color. Also, you can match it with yellow and warm undertones that go well with silver, blue, or metallic shades.

Avoid navy blue, darker purple, and red.

Dark skin tone:

Choose deeper shades of nail polish like dark green, dark red, maroons, or mocha. Lighter chocolate brown shades are a good choice too.

Avoid brighter tones like orange, silver, white or pinkish colors.

Choose the color according to the season.





  • Muted oranges
  • Dark purples
  • Red shades
  • Dark blues
  • Light grays
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