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How to Choose Red Lipstick

Red lipstick is something classic that many women cannot resist. It can give you a glamorous look if you know how to choose the right shade for you. In this article, 5-Minute Crafts has researched just how you can wear it.

1. Think about your skin tone.

In order to choose the perfect red lipstick for you, you need to understand the undertones of your skin and the shades of lipstick, and how they fit together. Skin tone is the level of melanin in the skin, which ranges from fair to dark, while the undertones are colors (red, yellow, or blue) that create your specific complexion within the tone of your skin.

  • Warm tones are considered to be those that have more yellow and peachy undertones.
  • Cold tones are considered to be those that have more blue or pink undertones.
  • Neutral tones are considered to be those that have neither or both.

    💄Note: To identify your skin’s undertones, look at your wrist: if the veins on it look purple, then you have cool undertones, and if they look green, then you have warm undertones.

2. Choose red lipstick for your complexion.

Fair complexions — fair complexions have mostly pink undertones.

  • Use blue-based reds or pink-based reds, like raspberry tones. These shades of red lipsticks will pick up the pink tones of your complexion and make your smile pop.

Light complexions — light complexions are usually neutral or warm.

  • Use a slight orange-based red to complement your skin tone. These lipsticks will pick up golden undertones and brighten your complexion.

Medium complexions — a person with a medium complexion will want to change the shade of red lipstick depending on the season because their skin gains and loses suntans easily.

  • In summer, use red lipsticks based on orange to complement your bronzed skin and give a brightening look to your complexion. In winter, wear a blue-based red, which will complement the lighter tone of your skin and give the appearance of lighter teeth.

Olive complexions — olive skin complexions have a yellow-green undertone that tans very easily.

  • Use a brick or rust-colored red lipstick to complete your bronze complexion and warm it up.

Caramel complexions — a caramel complexion has a yellow undertone.

  • Use a true cherry red to warm up your tone. It will pick up the warmth in your skin tone and illuminate your smile.

Golden tan to dark complexions — golden tan to dark complexions have a yellow undertone. This skin type is lucky to be able to choose different shades of red lipstick.

  • For a glamorous look, choose a true red, which will pick up the warmth in your skin and create a lighter complexion. If you want a more natural look, use blue-based reds, such as oxblood.

Deep complexions — deep complexions can use different shades of red lipstick.

  • Use an orange-based red for a bolder look. And for a more natural look, use a blue-based red, such as merlot. Both of these types of red will complete the tone of your skin and create a radiant smile.

3. Keep it simple.

The good thing about red lipstick is that you can keep makeup to a minimum. Its color in itself gives life to your skin. If you are not sure how to complete your look next to red lipstick, all you need to do is even out the color of your skin with powder, comb your eyebrows, and you are ready.

4. 3 things you need to do to keep your red lipstick in place

The only problem you may encounter when wearing red lipstick is that the color can smudge beyond the edges of the lips and then be difficult to remove from the skin. Do the following things so that this does not happen:

  1. Use a lip liner to create an outline that will act as an obstacle to avoid bleeding of creamy formulas.
  2. Apply one coat of lipstick that you will then dab with a tissue, then apply another layer. This cannot be applied to liquid matte formulas.
  3. After applying lipstick, remove the excess color from the inside of the lips with your finger. You will do this by putting your finger in your mouth, closing your lips, and pulling your finger out, which will release additional color that will otherwise stain your teeth.
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