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How to Choose Sunscreen for Your Skin Type

For all of us, long sun exposure may result in photodamage, which can cause your skin to lose elasticity and form facial lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. Sunscreen helps to take care of the health of your skin, and you should choose it in accordance with your phototype.

5-Minute Crafts will help you learn more about your skin type and how to choose the correct sunscreen to protect it.

In 1975, dermatologist Thomas B. Fitzpatrick developed a phototyping scale based on the amount of melanin pigment in the skin. This way, the scientist described skin types and analyzed their reaction to ultraviolet light.

According to the Fitzpatrick scale, some skin types get tanned more smoothly and are less affected by the harmful sunlight, while others, on the contrary, are more sensitive to ultraviolet light, burn easily, and tan slowly and poorly.

Phototype 1

People who belong to phototype 1 are not capable of producing much melanin. Their skin is very fair. They often have green or blue eyes and blonde or red hair.

The skin of this phototype is most sensitive. It almost doesn’t get tanned and has a low resistance to sunlight. To protect it, people of phototype 1 should use a strong sunscreen (SPF 50+) and avoid long sunbathing.

Phototype 2

The skin of phototype 2 is pale and highly sensitive. People with such skin usually have blonde hair, blue or green eyes, and freckles.

People of phototype 2 tan poorly, but the risk of sunburns is lower than that of phototype 1. They are also recommended to avoid sunbathing and to use sunscreen with at least SPF 30+.

Phototype 3

Even though the skin of phototype 3 is quite fair, it’s not as pale as the previous types. As a rule, people of this phototype have dark hair and blue or green eyes.

They can get slightly red during sunbathing, but later their tan becomes brown. To decrease the negative effects of sunlight, people with this skin type should use sunscreen with SPF 25+ or 20+ for moderate sun exposure.

Phototype 4

People who belong to phototype 4 have light brown or olive skin and dark hair.

The skin of this phototype tans easily and gradually. During sunbathing, people with this skin type can use sunscreen with SPF 15+.

Phototype 5

The skin of phototype 5 contains lots of melanin, and it’s thicker and darker than fair skin. It tans readily and profusely.

Protective measures are important for this skin type too, but some creams can leave white marks on it. You should choose sunscreen while taking this factor into account. And if you plan to partake in intense sunbathing, you should use sunscreen with SPF 15.

Phototype 6

The skin of phototype 6 has dark brown or even black color in it. It never burns and always tans well.

Such skin should be protected, not from sunburns, but from photoaging since the tanning process can result in dark spots on the skin. During long sun exposure, people with the skin of phototype 6 are recommended to apply sunscreen with SPF 15.

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