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How to Choose the Right Face Mask

How to Choose the Right Face Mask

Not all face masks are created equal, and the ones you should use depend on your skin type and the goals you want to achieve. 5-Minute Crafts has a few tips on choosing the right face mask according to your skin type.

Note: Before using any face mask, you should know your skin type so that you use the kinds that contain the right ingredients. These are the skin types:

  • Oily: The skin looks greasy and shiny, especially around the nose and forehead. It’s also prone to have large pores, pimples, and blackheads.
  • Dry: Your skin feels tight or dry. You may also experience flaking, itching, or cracking.
  • Combination: You have an oily forehead, nose, and chin along with dry cheeks and a dry jawline.
  • Sensitive: This skin type reacts negatively to external stimuli. People with this type of skin may notice that the skin burns, stings, and itches when products are applied.
  • Normal: Your skin is balanced and evenly hydrated.

1. Oily skin

When you have oily skin, you want to look for masks that help cleanse the pores and control oil. Masks with ingredients such as clay and charcoal are really good. Look for masks that contain gentle exfoliants, like salicylic acid.

2. Dry skin

If you have dry skin, you should look for moisturizing or hydrating face masks. They must have rich, creamy textures that help skin replenish its moisture. It’s also nice if they contain antioxidant-laden plant oils and essential lipids.

3. Combination skin

When you have combination skin, it’s better to use a technique called multitasking, which is the application of 2 masks at the same time.
Use moisturizing masks on your cheeks and jawline along with masks with oil control ingredients, like kaolin clay and salicylic acid, on your forehead, nose, and chin.
You can also use masks with gentle exfoliants, like glycolic acid and lactic acid, on your entire face.

4. Sensitive skin

If your skin is sensitive, look for soothing masks that contain ingredients like aloe vera. Avoid using masks with harsh ingredients, like alcohol and acids.

5. Normal skin

This is the best skin type you could have. When you have normal skin, you’re free to use any type of mask, whether it be clay, sheet, gel, cream, etc. It’s recommended to use face masks that contain antioxidants, like vitamins C and E, if you want a healthy glow. You can also use masks with gentle exfoliants, like fruit enzymes, so that you can keep dead skin cells at bay.

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