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How to Correct the Shape of Lips

Many of us have a positive attitude to changing our appearance. The shape of our lips is no exception. There are special makeup techniques that let us change the way our lips look quickly and without high costs.

We at 5-Minute Crafts believe any appearance is beautiful and unique, but still, we are ready to help you change if you want to. Today we are giving you recommendations on changing the shape of lips with the help of makeup. At the end of the article, you’ll find several methods for correcting lip shapes without decorative cosmetics.

What affects the shape of lips

It’s genetics that plays an important role. Hereditary factors determine the shape of our lips from birth. With age, natural processes in the body change our facial features, including lips, which tend to become thinner.

Sometimes the shape of lips can be changed by simple everyday habits such as frequent drinking with a straw. Ultraviolet radiation is an external factor that can also create a certain effect on our body, including our lips. Long exposure to the sun without protection can lead to dry, cracked lips, as well as discoloration.

What lip proportion can be considered “ideal”

Before starting the correction, you need to decide on the desired shape of the lips based on your mood or social trends.

According to research, the 1:1 ratio of the thickness of the upper and lower lips looks attractive to people. It is also noted that beautiful lips should have a striking cupid’s bow — the curve of the upper lip, resembling the letter M in the center or the bow of the ancient Roman god of love. This part of the lips draws attention by its sharp points.

How to make thin lips bigger

  • In order to make thin lips look bigger, it’s recommended to contour them with a lip liner by going beyond the natural borders of the lips. The liner should be of the same color as the lipstick or lipgloss you use.
  • To avoid the lines looking too obvious, makeup artists recommend going beyond the natural borders in the center of the lips and returning to natural borders in the corners of the lips.
  • You can apply lipstick or lipgloss of a lighter shade to the lower lip than to the upper lip to create the effect of lips plumpiness.
  • Use a dark eyeliner or eyeshadows of brown shades to draw a non-bright line under your lower lip. It will make the lip look more voluminous.

How to make the lips look smaller

  • Bright makeup will draw away attention from protruding lips and will balance the face.
  • Line your lips with a neutral lip liner within the natural contour, not along the edges. This will make the lips look a bit smaller and remove the emphasis from them.
  • Use nude shades of lipstick or lipgloss.

How to correct an asymmetrical lip shape

  • Cover the lips fully with your regular makeup foundation.
  • Set the coverage with powder.
  • Draw a new border on your lips with a lipliner. Start with the half that doesn’t require correction. Match the border of the other side to the first one.

How to change the shape of small lips

  • Glosses and shimmery lipsticks are best for making up small lips. They create an illusion of bigger lips.
  • One should avoid dark shades in lip makeup not to make them look smaller.
  • The lip lines should be contoured slightly outside of and wider than natural lip borders. Use a lip liner of a natural shade.

Bonus: How to change lip shape without makeup

  • The regular use of scrub can make lips plumper and softer. It’s recommended to use a mild scrubbing product once a week.
  • Moisturizing daily with a lip balm will maintain fluid balance, help fight dryness, and renew cells.
  • Drink water. Our body needs hydration. If you forget to drink water, your lips will get dry and irritated, and can become cracked.
  • Don’t neglect the UV-filter cosmetics before going outside. Use a lip balm with UV protection or a bit of sunscreen.
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