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How to Correctly Choose Rings by the Shape of Your Finger

A jewelry item can both enhance the beauty of and visually correct possible hand imperfections. Despite the fact that we all are unique, there are still some general recommendations when choosing rings.

We at 5-Minute Crafts selected different types of jewelry for each type of hand and finger shape.

For long and thin fingers

If your fingers are thin and are longer than your palm then most rings with both simple and more complex designs will suit you. You can afford to wear even the most extravagant rings, while the Princess Cut, the Asscher Cut, and the Cushion Cut will enhance the natural beauty of your hand even more.

  • What to avoid: Your fingers might look disproportional if you opt for a ring with a Pear Cut or a Marquise Cut gemstone.

For long and large fingers

If you have a palm that is this shape (when fingers are long but don’t look fragile), you can also wear any avant-garde jewelry item. Triple-stone settings will look good too. By the way, the cluster settings of the precious stones will only add harmony to your hand’s image.

  • What to avoid: Any minimalistic design. Thin rings with small stones will contrast with the size of your hand too much.

For thin and short fingers

If you have miniature fingers and a thin small palm, a ring with stones in smaller sizes will look good on you. In this case, your hand will look proportional. In general, rings with a minimalistic design will suit you well. The central diamond can have an elongated shape like a Pear, a Marquise, or an Oval cut — and this will visually elongate the finger.

  • What to avoid: Very large gems in an extravagant design — all of these will make a small hand look even smaller.

For wide and short fingers

If your palm and fingers have a wide shape, pay attention to rings with horizontally-oriented gems that have a large surface area (like the Princess Cut or the Asscher Cut). Moreover, a wide brim helps fingers look longer.

  • What to avoid: Rings with narrow rims and minimalistic stones don’t suit this type of hand.

For fingers with large knuckles

If you have large knuckles, then rings with a wide band will conceal them perfectly. Also, pay attention to rings with 3 or more gems — they will give your fingers a balanced look.

  • What to avoid: Thin bands — they will make your knuckles look even bigger.
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