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How to Cover Dark Circles

Dark circles are normal and everyone has them, but it’s common to use makeup as a way to cover them up. Doing this can make you look more awake and like you had a good night’s sleep, even if that’s not true.

5-Minute Crafts created a step-by-step guide on how to easily hide your dark circles using makeup.

Step 1

Before starting, apply your favorite moisturizer and/or serum to moisturize the skin, then let that dry completely.

Step 2

Next comes the color corrector. Using a color correcting product before applying concealer can cancel out any of the discoloration you may have around the eye area.

Tip: Depending on the undertone of your under-eye circles, the shade of the color corrector may vary. But in general, peach or orange shades typically work best to cancel out blue/purple undertones that dark circles usually have.

Step 3

Now for concealer. Apply an even layer of concealer to the under-eye area and blend it out using a sponge or a brush. Keep in mind that depending on the type of concealer you’re using and how much coverage it has (light, medium, or full), you may need to apply either more or less of it.

Tip: Using a concealer that is one or 2 shades lighter than your skin will make your eye area look much brighter.

Step 4

Finally, don’t forget to set the eye area with your preferred setting powder. Doing this ensures the makeup lasts all day and doesn’t crease.

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