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How to Cut a Child’s Hair: 4 Ways

Cutting a child’s hair may seem complicated, but it’s actually something you can do at home, following a few simple steps. You just have to divide the hair correctly and use a hairdresser’s scissors, which you can buy at the market.

At 5-Minute Crafts, we’re showing you 4 different styles that you can apply when cutting a child’s hair.

1. Medium and long haircut


1. Wet your hair completely and comb through it with a coarse bristle brush.
2. Take the hair that’s on one side of the head at the back of the ear, toward the back of the head, and part it. Gather the rest up.

3. Take a strand from the back of the hair with your index and middle fingers. Make a straight cut, pull the rest of the hair down, and repeat.
4. Then take a strand from the front part of the hair and cut it. Go through the hair and do the same.

2. Short haircut


1. Using a coarse bristle brush, separate the wet hair. Form a rectangle from the temple to the back, leaving a few strands above each ear, and separate the back into 4 sections.
2. Take a thin strand of hair that you left behind the ear, about half a centimeter long, and comb it through with a thin bristle brush. Cut it and repeat with the rest of the strands, making sure that the cut in the front part is half the length.

3. Use the already cut part as a guide to cut the top left back and the rest of the hair in that section. Keep in mind that the thickness should be less than a quarter of an inch.
4. Continue by dividing the left side of the hair into smaller horizontal sections, cut from right to left, and repeat for the right side of the hair. To finish, cut the front part of the hair to the desired length.

3. Cutting with an electric shaver


1. The first thing to keep in mind is how short you want to keep your child’s hair. As a suggestion, you can start with number 3. If you want to keep it shorter, use number 2.
2. Make an arc-shaped movement, directing the machine toward you from the nape of the neck to the bottom of the crown. This will blend the layers of hair.
3. So that you can shape the lower part of the hair, create straight lines starting from there, up to the ear. Finish by trimming the sideburns evenly.

4. Bob cut


1. Wet and comb all the hair.
2. Divide the hair into 2 parts, front and back. Then place the girl’s head at a slant and take a strand from the back. Holding it with the middle and index fingers, make a straight cut.

3. At the end of that row, release the strands from the upper part and perform the same procedure, using the hair you’ve already cut as a measuring tool.
4. Release the bangs and make a diagonal cut.

Bonus: bangs

1. Comb the bangs with a thick bristle brush. Wet the hair to make it easier to cut and part it horizontally, depending on the desired length.
2. Cut so that the bangs are at mid-eye level. If you want to make the cut a triangular shape, part the hair from the top of the head to the outside of each eyebrow.

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