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How to Dress to Look Thinner

Choosing what to wear can be a difficult task for many women, especially when you want to achieve a specific goal, such as appearing thinner. However, there are certain tricks you can try to get this look and boost your confidence through your outfit.

5-Minute Crafts will show you 10 useful tips to help you pick the right clothes in order to seem thinner.

1. Stick to dark colors.

✅ Although black may be well-known for giving you a slimmer appearance, you can also choose other dark colors that can create the same effect. For instance, you can also try dark gray, red, green, and navy blue.

Ditch light-colored pants or jeans, as these can make your legs appear thicker, especially if you have big thighs.

2. Opt for a V-neck or a bardot neckline.

✅ Both necklines can add length to your neck and make your collarbone visible, drawing attention to a slim area of your body.

3. Avoid horizontal stripes.

✅ Instead, go for vertical stripes that can make you look thinner and taller by creating a long line.

4. Stay away from cap sleeves.

✅ Cap sleeves highlight the widest area of your arms. Instead, choose 3/4-length sleeves or long sleeves that go to the cuff. These will create the illusion of slender arms by elongating them.

✅ Flutter sleeves can be another option since they end after the widest portion of the arms. Moreover, they may add movement and draw attention to the slim part of your arms.

5. Choose smaller patterns.

✅ Instead of large prints, opt for smaller patterns, such as small polka dots or thin stripes. Keep in mind that the smaller the print, the smaller you may appear.

6. Remember that layering colors can also help.

✅ Wearing a light-colored top under a dark fitted cardigan can make you appear taller and thinner due to the vertical line this look will create.

7. Go for pointed-toe shoes.

✅ These can make your legs look longer.

❗On the contrary, rounded-pointed shoes may create the illusion of short and stubby legs.

8. Switch to pencil skirts.

✅ A pencil skirt can make you appear thinner and give you a neat look. Simply wear it along with a chiffon or well-fitted top, making sure that it’s not too loose or tight.

Stay away from pleated skirts, as they may add width to your figure when they open up.

9. Try cropped jackets and crop tops.

✅ Both options can help make your legs appear long and create the illusion of a small upper body.

💡If you want to avoid showing your stomach, you can pair these garments with high-waisted pants.

10. Swap low-rise pants for high-rise ones.

❗Low-rise pants can make your torso look larger and your legs shorter. Moreover, they can give your stomach a more prominent appearance.

💡Tuck in your shirts to define your waist. You can also try a french tuck, which is basically tucking the front part of an oversized top into your higher rise pants.

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