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How to Dye Your Eyebrows at Home: 3 Ways

If you decide to dye your eyebrows at home, you just need to choose the method that best suits their color. Avoid using permanent hair dye, as it could damage them or affect the skin around them. Instead, you can use semi-permanent hair dyes, beard dyes, or semi-permanent eyebrow dyes. If you suffer from any allergies, it’s important to read the packaging thoroughly to make sure the products you’re using are safe for you.

5-Minute Crafts will show you 3 methods to do it.

Method 1: special dye

This method is especially recommended for people who have lighter hair color. In this case, it’s better to buy a dye that’s either your hair color or one shade darker but not more. That’s because it’s important to try to avoid losing the natural pigmentation of your eyebrows.


1. Start by plucking your eyebrows very thoroughly. It’s better to do it either long before applying the dye or at the end of the dyeing process. That’s because you want to prevent your pores from being open during the dyeing process — otherwise, you might end up with dark marks.

2. Wash your face with soap or cleanser as you normally do.

3. Alternatively, you can apply some petroleum jelly (Vaseline) to the skin around the area you’ll dye to prevent the stains from forming. However, be careful not to put any Vaseline directly on the eyebrows, as this will not let the dye penetrate the eyebrows properly.

4. Read the instructions that came with the dye and prepare it accordingly. Remember that you won’t be needing the whole pack, so you just have to prepare enough dye to cover your eyebrows, and you can use the rest some other time.

5. Use a brush to paint your eyebrows. It’s better to start from the contour of the eyebrow and then move slowly over to the center.

6. Let the dye activate. This will typically take approximately 5-10 minutes, but the time may vary depending on the dye you bought, so read the instructions well. Then remove the excess dye with a wet cotton ball or cotton swab, and you’re done.

Method 2: henna

This method works best for people who have thicker eyebrows.


1. Clean your eyebrows with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol.

2. Put on some gloves and prepare a mixture of 2 tablespoons of henna with 10 drops of lemon juice.

3. Brush each of your eyebrows very well.

4. Apply the prepared mixture with a cotton swab or a fine brush. It’s better if you work the eyebrows starting from the bottom and moving slowly to the top.

5. Let them dry for approximately 30 minutes and repeat the procedure.

6. Let them dry again, this time overnight.

7. Finally remove any excess henna using a cotton pad.

Note: If you see spots on your skin, you can clean them with a cotton pad or a cotton swab with a bit of cream. Avoid rubbing the area, contact with water, brow makeup, hot temperatures and moisture, cleansing products, and UV exposure for the first 24 hours after using henna.

Method 3: permanent dark dye

This method is a good option for people who have dark eyebrows. However, you must have a very good hand since you’ll be using permanent dye. You can also always go to a professional if you feel more comfortable with that.


1. Wash your face thoroughly, put on some gloves, and prepare the dye by whisking it until the mixture has a thick consistency.

2. Put some masking tape on the skin around your eyebrows to avoid smudging it everywhere.

3. Apply the mixture with a fine brush until you’ve covered both eyebrows completely.

4. Leave it on for 3 minutes, then remove it with a cotton swab dampened with water.

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