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How to Find the Best Male Haircut for Your Face Shape

Styling your hair can be one of the best ways to change your look and improve your appearance. However, to achieve the latter, it’s important to make sure that the type of haircut you go for matches your natural features.

5-Minute Crafts has created this guide to help you find the best haircut according to your face shape.

Square face

  • square face is characterized by similar width and length measurements that come along with a sharp jaw.

✅ Due to its versatility, the best haircut choices for men with a square face include very short styles, like buzz cuts and undercuts, and longer haircuts like brush-ups and traditional slick backs, as these will add volume to the upper part. At the same time, you can try a slicked-back side part style and a faux hawk haircut.

Oval face

  • The main trait of an oval face is that there are no pronounced corners or angles close to the chin, cheeks, or forehead.

✅ Since this face shape is characterized by balance and symmetry, most haircuts will look quite flattering on oval faces. You can try fades and undercuts that include quiffs, spiky hair, and comb-overs. Moreover, you can opt forside-parted short style, pushed-back long hair, and a fringe-up.

Round face

  • Round faces have equal measurements in width and length. At the same time, the jawline has no pronounced edges or sharp corners.

✅ In order to make the face look longer, it’s advisable to go for haircuts that add volume or height but are short on the lateral parts. The best options include faux hawks with shorter sides, quiffs, fringe-ups, and undercuts.

Triangular face

  • triangular face highlights angular features, being that the jawline is the most noticeable part as it’s wider than the cheekbone area.

✅ In order to create symmetry and counterbalance the narrower forehead, the best styles are medium-length textured haircuts on the upper part, such as messy hair, angular fringes, and swept bangs. At the same time, you can try a fringe-up, a side fringe, and a side-parted style.

Diamond-shaped face

  • Men with a diamond face have sharp and wide cheekbones that come along with a pronounced, angular chin.

✅ Since this face shape is often long and narrow, it’s advisable to opt for layered high-volume styles, such as a faux hawk, side sweep, or long slick back. Moreover, you can try pushed-back long hair, a side fringe, and a quiff haircut.

Oblong face

  • Also known as a rectangular face, an oblong face is longer than it is wide.

✅ If this is your face shape, you can try short hairstyles on top to avoid having an oblong face appear even longer, like a buzz cut or crew cut. Alternatively, if you want to add volume on top, you can go for a side part, a short brush-up, or a comb-over. You can also opt for a fringe-up or a side fringe style.

Heart-shaped face

  • A heart-shaped face is characterized by a forehead that is noticeably wider than the jawline, which can be either round, angular, or pointy.

✅ The best options for a heart-shaped face are those styles that are longer and fuller on the upper and lateral areas, as these will widen the bottom portion of the face. You can try shoulder-length hair, a textured quiff, and a pompadour. Other good choices include a long fringe, side-parted long hair, a pushed-back style, and an undercut.

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