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How to Find Your Foundation Color

Foundation is a popular makeup product used to even out the skin and create a flawless complexion.
But choosing a color can sometimes turn out to be quite a challenge, as there are a ton of shades to choose from, and it can be overwhelming. It’s key that you choose the correct shade because, if not, it can ruin your whole makeup look.

5-Minute Crafts gathered some simple tips you can follow to find the perfect foundation shade match.

1. Identify your undertone.

Every skin tone has an undertone, and your foundation should match it. Your skin tone is how light or dark your skin is, and it can vary depending on the season. But the undertone is the color under the surface of the skin, and it can be neutral, warm, or cool. To identify your undertone, simply check the color of your veins under natural lighting.

  • Blue or purple veins — cool undertone
  • Blue or green veins — neutral undertone
  • Green or olive veins — warm undertone

2. Test it under different lighting.

Different lighting can affect how your foundation looks. To truly know how the product looks on your skin, don’t just try it on in a bathroom or under indoor lighting. Additionally, aim to test your foundation in natural lighting as well so you can get a sense of what it will look like when you’re outside.

3. Consider the finish of the foundation.

The finish of the foundation is also important. Although full-coverage foundations work best to cover imperfections, they can also be harder to shade match. So if you’re unsure about what shade to pick, try a sheer-coverage foundation instead, as it allows for a larger margin of error.

4. Ask for samples before purchasing.

If you’re unsure of what shade to pick and want to fully test out a product before buying it, try asking for samples. It’s normal to be confused when there are a ton of colors to choose from, and because of that, a lot of makeup retailers will offer samples for you to try before making a commitment.

5. Swatch the shades on your face.

Another useful tip to find the perfect shade match is to swatch 3 colors on your jawline. Foundation shades can sometimes look different in the bottle than they do on the skin, so to avoid wasting money on a color that doesn’t suit you, swatch 3 separate shades on your jawline next to each other. And don’t forget that the color you pick should also blend seamlessly onto the neck as well.

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