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How to Know Your Nose Shape

In 2011, scientists did research about the different types of noses found in Europe and Israel. Based on their findings, a 14-type nose classification system became popular on social media channels. While not complete, it still gives us an idea of some of the nose types that you’ll likely find out there if you’re visiting Europe and the Mediterranean, so 5-Minute Crafts wrote an article to show you some of them.

1. Nubian nose

This type of nose is easily identifiable because of its longer bridge and wide base. It’s most commonly found in those of African descent, but not exclusively.

  • Example: Singer Beyoncé has what is considered a classic Nubian nose.

2. Greek nose

This is also sometimes known as the straight nose. It’s defined by its remarkably straight bridge and it’s typically free of any curves or humps.

  • Example: Actress Jennifer Aniston or the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton have this type of nose.

3. Roman nose

Roman nose is basically one that has a prominent bridge which makes it appear slightly bent or curved.

  • Example: Actor Ryan Gosling has a Roman nose.

4. Snub nose

People with this type often have a small, stubby, and slightly upturned nose.

  • Example: Emma Stone has a snub nose.

5. Bulbous nose

bulbous nose has a more or less large mass or swelling on the lower half. This type of nose is commonly found in men.

  • Example: Actor Leo McKern is a good example of a bulbous nose.

6. Hawk nose

A dramatic arched shape that also has a protruding bridge. This nose type is named this way because it resembles the curved beak of a hawk.

  • Example: Adrien Brody has a typical hawk hose.

7. Fleshy nose

This one of the most common type of noses out there. It’s often large, with a rounder bridge and lots of extra skin.

  • Example: Albert Einstein had a fleshy nose.

8. Turned-up nose

Also known as the “celestial” type, this nose has a slight up-swoop at the tip.

  • Example: Carey Mulligan has this type of nose.

9. Bumpy nose

This is often thought of as a natural looking nose. Although straight and generally skinny, it has a small bump in the bridge.

  • Example: People say Owen Wilson has a bumpy nose.

10. Small nose

As the name suggests, this is simply a small and dainty nose. While it isn’t very turned-up, it does slope gently upward at the tip, exposing the nostrils.

  • Example: Elizabeth Taylor is one of the many celebrities that has this type of nose.
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