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How to Look High-End

Sometimes looking high-end in the streets has nothing to do with the price of the dress but knowing what to wear and how. You can turn heads not just by the gorgeous scent of perfume you’re wearing, the manicured nails you have, or the expensive jewelry you’re donning.

5-Minute Crafts rounded up some tips to help you achieve a glamorous look effortlessly in a few steps no matter what you’re wearing.

1. Know your body type.

Knowing your body is significant in achieving a stylish look. It doesn’t matter where you purchase your clothes or how much money they cost. As long as you know your size and body type, you can easily find clothes for your figure in almost any brand and pull off an electrifying look.

2. Opt for tailored (fitted) clothes.

Tailoring isn’t only about sewing, tightening, and taking in; it’s also about fitting, patterns, and fabrics. It improves the functionality of the clothing and makes any item appear different and flattering on the person. Fitted clothes are associated with good taste, class, and wealth. The indicator of wealth isn’t about specific brands or styles.

You can show off your high-end look with the clothes that fit you perfectly. Your clothes should fit your body as if they were custom-made for you. Formal or not, the clothes should fit your body and highlight your physique.

3. Have classy pieces in your closet.

Once in a while, consider investing in timeless pieces and snag classic items. For example, consider leather jackets, a little black dress, a trench coat, white basics, white shirts, or well-fitted jeans. They never go out of style. Plus, they’re easy to pair with trendy pieces too.

4. Own some statement items.

Statement pieces are those that people notice about you and your outfit first. It could be anything — a necklace, earrings, a bag, a pair of heels, or a skirt. They’re essential because they help express your personality and give away information about your style. Instead of purchasing lots of cheap clothes, opt for a few quality items. In other words, go for quality over quantity. Make sure you wear not multiple statement items at once but just a few. Examples of statement elements are:

  • Prints: checks, stripes, plaid, polka dots, and animal
  • Patterns: floral, paisley
  • Colors: pastels, earth tones, neons, jewel tones, rainbow colors
  • Embellishments: embroidery, sequins, brocade, buttons
  • Silhouettes: oversized, asymmetrical, voluminous
  • Fabrics: faux fur, tweed, wool, velvet, silk, angora

5. Understand the fabrics and materials.

There are 2 types of fabrics: natural and synthetic. Choose fabrics made from raw materials whenever possible. Mixing these 2 in one outfit isn’t always a good idea. That’s because each type of material has different maintenance and styling rules, so it’s good to know the fabrics of your clothes. If you want to go for all-natural materials in your clothes, ensure they’re cotton, cashmere, silk, or linen.

Also, remember that synthetic fabrics, such as polyester, nylon, or rayon, may not pair well with cotton fabrics. Therefore, opt for matching synthetics with other synthetics only.

6. Avoid embellishments.

Embellishments are decorative elements added to clothing to make it look appealing to the eyes. However, keeping it simple is a good idea. Avoid wearing cheap-looking fabrics, such as chains, buckles, studs, and gold or silver finishes, if you want to look luxe. They may make an expensive garment look cheap.

Also, faux leather, some rhinestone embellishments, lace, or sequins may lower an item’s quality. Bright colors aren’t easy to pull off either. Therefore, you can go for darker, black, pastels, muted colors, or white.

7. Ensure your clothes are well-pressed and ironed.

To pull off a polished look, you need to take good care of your clothes; keep them well-pressed or ironed carefully and methodically. Typically, some garments may get wrinkles and lose shape when taken out of the washer or dryer. Ironing preserves your clothes’ freshness and original appearance for a long time. Ironed clothes will feel comfortable on your skin too.

There might be some delicate fabrics in our closets, such as wool coats, silk, or velvet, which may need dry-cleaning. However, if you need to wash them yourself, make sure to follow special washing directions.

8. Accessorize tastefully.

If you can’t afford to purchase authentic pearls, that’s okay because by playing around with other accessories, you can still nail your look. For example, opt for fine jewelry instead of large pieces. Or try searching for a high-quality purse from a secondhand shop. It helps elevate your look. Chic hats, extravagant-looking sunglasses, an authentic designer bag, a wallet, or socks may also help you polish and complete your look.

9. Invest in high-quality shoes.

Shoes complete your look, so spending a little more on them may be a good idea. Own at least one pair of good leather shoes, like higher ankle boots, pumps, ballet flats, or loafers. Ensure they’re always clean. If you dream of buying a pair of shoes from an expensive brand, save money for a few months. However, don’t forget to buy from brands that are more suitable for your budget and that you can afford.

10. Go for no-logo.

It’s better to eliminate all the tags and logos from your outfit because logos aren’t a sign of wealth. Sometimes, exaggerated logos may make your clothes appear cheap, which is likely the last thing you want. Instead, opt for silent logos or none at all. Also, keep in mind that labels aren’t visible on the clothes of expensive brands.

11. Pay attention to your personal skincare and grooming.

Make sure you keep your cleanliness in check — that means clean, styled hair and pristine nails and teeth too. You don’t need to spend a fortune to have radiant skin. You can quit any destructive habits you may have and start a new, healthy lifestyle. Also, opt for natural makeup and have a signature smell.

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