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How to Make a Paraffin Bath for Feet

A paraffin bath is a relaxing treatment that helps to moisturize and soften the skin as well as improve circulation and reduce pain in the joints. That’s why paraffin baths are often recommended to people suffering from arthritis and other diseases of the joints.

5-Minute Crafts prepared short, detailed instructions for how to make a paraffin bath for your feet yourself. These instructions will also be useful if you want to make a bath for your hands.


To make a paraffin bath for your feet, you’ll need:

  • A paraffin wax bath
  • 2 pounds of paraffin wax
  • 2 plastic bags
  • 2 small towels
  • Moisturizing cream
  • 1 ounce of coconut, almond, or olive oil (optional)
  • 20 drops of essential oil (optional)

When choosing a paraffin wax bath, opt for the one that has a thermostat so that you can control the temperature of the wax and avoid overheating.

Detailed instructions

1. Melt the wax in the paraffin bath. After it has melted and heated to the desired temperature, leave it for a while to cool down a bit.

Add 1 ounce of coconut, almond, or olive oil for extra moisturizing, and 20 drops of essential oil for aroma, if desired.

Before performing this step, carefully read the instructions of the wax bath manufacturer and make sure you are following the safety precautions.

2. Wash your feet thoroughly before the treatment. Then test the wax on a small area of your skin. This way, you’ll make sure that its temperature is comfortable for you before you fully submerge your feet in it.

Dip your feet completely in the wax and then take them out. Wait a few seconds for the wax to harden. Then dip your feet for a few seconds and take them out again. Repeat a few more times until you have 4 to 5 coats of wax on your feet.

3. Take your feet out of the bath. Quickly put a plastic bag on each foot, then wrap them in a thick towel. Leave them on for 20 to 30 minutes.

4. Remove the towels and bags from your feet, carefully peel the hardened wax, and remove it from your feet.

5. Apply moisturizing cream to your feet.

Safety precautions

  • Always check the temperature of the wax on a small area of your skin before dipping your hands or feet into it.
  • Don’t use a paraffin bath if you have open sores or skin rashes.
  • If you have any type of skin disease, vascular disease, or other health problems, consult your doctor to find out whether you can do a paraffin bath.
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