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How to Make Your Face Look More Symmetrical With Makeup

If your face isn’t perfectly symmetrical, you can use some makeup hacks to add balance to it. 5-Minute Crafts is ready to tell you how to contour your face properly in order to achieve better symmetry.

1. Fix a puffy eyelid.

✅ If puffiness appears heavier only on one of your eyelids, try to apply eyeshadow to it.

  • If you have a lighter skin tone, choose a matte beige shadow.
  • If you have a deeper skin tone, choose taupe or brown shadow.

✅ Apply the eyeshadow in a windshield wiper motion to the crease of the eye using a small, tapered brush.

2. Change the shape of the eyelid.

✅ If one of your eyelids looks smaller, you can either make it look larger or minimize the larger lid.

  • To make the smaller lid look larger, apply a shimmery cream color all over the lid. Then use a peachy nude tone pencil on the inner rim.
  • To make the other lid look smaller, apply a matte taupe shadow to the lid. Then finish with a dark brown pencil on both inner rims.

3. Fill in a sparse eyebrow.

✅ If one of your eyebrows looks sparser than the other, take an eyebrow pencil and fill it in.

✅ Using tiny strokes, work into the already existing hairs of your eyebrow until it looks similar to your thicker eyebrow.

4. Balance out an uneven nose.

✅ If your nose looks uneven, try to blend a matte taupe contour powder more heavily on the side of your nose that is fuller.

✅ You can also add a pearly brightener down the center of the nose to create more balance.

5. Even out your Cupid’s bow.

✅ If you have uneven peaks on your top lip, try to make them more symmetrical either with lipstick or with lip gloss.

  • If you use a lipstick bullet, dab the tip of your ring finger on the lipstick and form 2 rounded peaks on your upper lip using your finger. Then apply lipstick straight from the tube and cover all your lips up to the corners.
  • If you prefer lip gloss, take a fleshy pink lip pencil, gently reshape your Cupid’s bow, and fill it in with the pencil. Then coat your lips with your lip gloss of choice.

6. Contour the shape of your face.

✅ If you have excess or bloated skin on your jaw or chin, apply a matte taupe shading powder that’s a couple of shades deeper than your skin tone to these areas.

✅ Use an angled powder brush to blend the powder into your skin.

Tip: If you have asymmetries in the forehead area along your hairline, you can correct them in the same way.

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