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How to Make Your Own Lip Balm

During the winter season, you’ll notice that your skin may be drier than usual, and the first signs are chapped and cracked lips. Lip balms are essential for avoiding dehydration, and they allow you to show off some pretty, healthy, and soft lips.

5-Minute Crafts will show you some interesting ways to make your own homemade lip balm.


  • 0.17 oz of beeswax

  • 3 tbsp of coconut oil

  • 2 capsules of vitamin E

  • 2 tbsp of honey


  • A metal pot

  • A small glass bowl

  • A spoon

  • A container to store the mixture


1. Heat the coconut oil and the wax in a bain-marie. Stir gently with the spoon.

2. Once the ingredients have melted, remove the small bowl from the heat. Let it cool down to room temperature.

3. Add the honey and the vitamin E. Mix until the liquid has thickened and is a uniform consistency.

4. Using alcohol, disinfect the container where the mixture will be kept. Then, carefully pour the liquid in before it becomes solid.

5. Wait 5 to 10 minutes for the lip balm to cool off, and that’s it! Now you can use it to keep your lips moisturized.


If you want, you can add 2 or 3 drops of an essential oil. This should not be one of the main ingredients, but it will give a nice scent to the mixture. Among the essential oils, the most common options are lemon, mint, orange, and lavender. You may also want to add some color by using natural dyes from plants or artificial ones. The honey can also be replaced with aloe.

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