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How to Make Your Perfume Last for Longer

Applying our favorite perfume is the final step we make before heading outside. All we need is a spritz on our clothes and we’re all ready. But it goes beyond just spraying a bottle of perfume. So, 5-Minute Crafts lists everything from how to apply the perfume to understanding the perfume concentration, to help you make the most of your favorite fragrance.

Applying spray perfume correctly

1. Moisturize your skin before applying perfume.

The gist is to keep the skin oilier so that it retains more fragrance. You can use an unscented moisturizer or petroleum jelly to create a great base for the scent.

2. Spray it on your pulse points.

After moisturizing your skin, spritz the perfume on your pulse points like:

  1. Behind your earlobes
  2. On your neck
  3. Inside of your wrists
  4. Inner elbows
  5. Behind the knees

The idea is to apply perfume to the areas that are closest to your veins, as these are warm spots that generate their own heat, and would eventually diffuse the scent naturally as well.

3. Don’t rub perfume on your skin.

Rubbing the perfume on your skin is less effective as the top tones of the fragrance tend to fade before it can even settle into your skin’s surface. It also causes friction that can heat the fragrance up and change the scent entirely.

4. Walk into the scent cloud.

The key to making the fragrance last longer is to diffuse it all over your body rather than just applying it to one point on your body. Apart from applying it on the pulse points, spray the perfume in front of you and walk right into it. This makes sure that the scent is all over you in subtle tones, and not overdone.

5. Don’t perfume your hair directly.

It is said that the contents of perfume tend to dry out your hair. So to make your hair smell fantastic, you can spray a bit of your favorite perfume onto your hairbrush and lightly brush your hair through it. This leaves your hair undamaged and smells great.

Applying perfume oils correctly

If your perfume oil has a roll-on fragrance, then you can apply it to your pulse points directly or on your fingertips, and then to your pulse points.

  • If you do the latter, make sure to wash your hands beforehand.

If your fragrance doesn’t have a roll-on applicator, then it may come with an applicator stick. Just apply some perfume to the stick and then dab lightly without rubbing it on the pulse points. If it doesn’t have a stick, then you can also go for the fingerprint method as mentioned above or buy an applicator stick online.

  • Perfume oils tend to last longer than perfume sprays. Hence, it is recommended to not overdo their application.

Understanding perfume concentration

Perfume concentration refers to the percentage of the blend of the natural and chemical composition in a perfume. There are 4 types of perfumes:

  • Eau de Cologne or Cologne
  • Eau de Toilette
  • Eau de Parfum
  • Extrait de Parfum or Perfume

The fragrances that contain a low perfume concentration have lighter tones and don’t last for very long. These come under Eau de Cologne and Eau de Toilette. If you’re seeking deeper tones and long-lasting fragrances, Eau de Parfum or Extrait de Parfum are the ones for you. To understand more about the types of fragrances, let the following infographic guide you.

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