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How to Match Hair Color With Skin Tone and Eye Color

You can’t just dye your hair any color you like. You should take a series of factors into consideration, like your skin tone and eye color, in order to create a harmonious look. But don’t be scared — even if it seems difficult, it’s always possible to find the right color for your hair.

These 5-Minute Crafts recommendations will help you choose the right hair color to make your skin shine.

Determine your skin tone.

Answer 4 questions to find out what your skin tone is: cold, warm, neutral, or olive.

  1. What color are your veins? According to Monika Blunder, celebrity makeup artist and founder of Monika Blunder Beauty, the veins on the inside of your wrist can indicate your undertone. Purple or blue-looking veins usually indicate a cold undertone, and warm undertones often have a more greenish tint to them. Neutral undertones usually have a mixture of both. Green veins can also indicate a green undertone.
  2. Gold or silver jewelry? If you look better with gold jewelry, you have a warm undertone. Silver looks best on cold undertones. If you look good in both of them, you probably have a neutral or olive undertone.
  3. What colors do you look best in? If you look best in blue or emerald-green, you probably have a cold undertone. If you like red and orange, you probably have a warm undertone. And if you look great in any clothes, you have a neutral undertone.
  4. Do you burn or tan? If you tan easily, you have an olive undertone. If you burn first and then you see a tan, your undertone is neutral. People with a cold undertone are the least lucky — they only burn and don’t tan.

Choose the hair color according to your undertone.

  • Warm undertone

Combined with light skin, a golden blonde will look amazing.

✅ For darker skin, a warm brown shade will look good.

✅ If your skin is neutral, a copper tone will make the face shine.

✅ Warm shades of red will look good with any of these skin tones.

❌ Avoid ash colors.

  • Cold undertone

Ash blonde is great for light skin.

✅ For darker skin, you can choose cold shades of red.

✅ Choose lighter or darker tones.

❌ Avoid warm red colors.

  • Neutral undertone

✅ You can choose any color with a warm gold or deep red shade.

✅ The best way to find the matching hair color for neutral skin is to find a color that will make the eyes more visible.

❗️ Even though there are many options, it’s better to dye your hair just several shades of your natural color.

  • Olive undertone

✅ For a colder undertone, it’s better to use chestnut or cinnamon colors. Mocha will make the face appear clean and smooth.

✅ Deep green, mocha, and honey blond are good for warmer tones. Try warm colors, such as purple-red, or purple-black.

❌ Don’t do too much lightening with a cold undertone.

Pay attention to eye color.

  • For light eyes (blue, grey, green, and brown-green)

✅ For those with cold pale skin, ice blonde is great.

✅ If you have a warm skin tone, try light-chestnut and honey colors — red is also great.

  • For dark eyes (brown)

✅ Choose warm colors, such as chestnut, caramel, and honey blonde. Gold shades will make the eyes shine.

❌ Avoid cold blonde shades, like platinum and silver. They don’t always look good with dark eyes.

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