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How to Pick a Lip Liner

Lip liners are an excellent cosmetic product for lining your lips or using as a base before applying lipstick. They’re great for filling the gaps around the lips, enhancing their shape, and making them look fuller. But selecting the perfect liner for your lips can sometimes be tricky.

5-Minute Crafts gathered some information and will share a few lip liner secrets with you to help you find the perfect one.

1. If you like the natural color of your lips, find the perfect nude.

If you’re a fan of natural-looking lips and want to achieve that nice, pouty look, there are 2 things you can do:

  • Find a lip liner that is the exact color of your lips, the nude lip liner. First, determine your skin undertone. Pinkish and purple shades will fit nicely with people with cool undertones. Those with warm undertones can go for a golden or yellowish liner. People with neutral undertones have no predominant shade, and they can wear both cool and warm hues. A neutral lip liner will enhance your natural lips and provide shape and definition.
  • Find “my lip, but better” shade, which is a tone just a bit darker than your natural lip color. This will make your lips appear more prominent and gain a velvety texture, as well as make their color look intense.

Note: The nude lip liner will also save you money since you won’t need to buy a new lip liner to match every lipstick you have.

2. When using colored lipstick or gloss, apply a liner in a shade darker or lighter.

Next, find a liner with a hue darker or lighter than the lipstick or gloss you want to use. This will take your appearance to the next level by creating a neat look.

Avoid using a liner with a much darker tone than the lipstick you want to use. The contrast between the 2 can become very sharp and look shabby. Many women make this mistake and use a brown-toned liner and then fill the inner section with a pinkish color. The general rule is to keep the lipstick and the liner in the same color family and undertones.

Another great trick you can use is with a lighter, highlight lip pencil that will make the line clean and define the lips. It is great for accenting the thin upper lips.

3. Use a crayon lip liner.

For the best definition, it is better to use a crayon lip liner than a liner with a pointy tip. Crayon lip liners have a rounded, soft tip. Sharp pencils will make tight, intense lines that won’t give you the optimal look. Round-tipped pencils will give your lips a velvety, creamy finish. These crayon-type liners are convenient and quick to use, and they are multifunctional — you can use them as lipstick too.

4. Check for the right ingredients.

Try to find lip liners that are as hydrating as lip balms. Ingredients in lip liners will make your lips smooth, and the hydrating formula will help your lip color stay put throughout the day.

Moisturizing lip liner can build up color seamlessly. Search for soft and creamy ones — the color will glide on better for a smoother finish. You won’t have that “dry lip” look.

Search for the following ingredients in a lip liner:

5. Pair the texture of the lip liner and the lipstick.

You’ll want to match the finish to finish, which means to pair the texture of the lip liner with the lipstick too. Match your matte lip liner with your matte lipstick or your metallic lip liner with your metallic lipstick so you will achieve colorful and flawless lips.

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