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How to Use Eye Cream Correctly

A good eye cream can help you solve various beauty problems, starting from dark circles to crow’s feet. But improper application techniques can not only ruin its effectiveness, but it can also harm your skin. Today, 5-Minute Crafts will reveal how to use eye cream correctly to get the best results and help your skin have a healthy glow.

Step 1. Clean your skin and let it dry a bit.

  • You should apply eye cream only to clean skin with no makeup on so that the product can be properly absorbed.

  • It’s better to apply the product to damp, not completely dry skin. Just slightly dab the skin with a soft towel or a paper towel, or let the excess water dry on its own. There should be no drops of water on your face, but your skin should still be damp. This way, you can “lock” moisture inside the skin.

Step 2. Apply a pea-sized amount of eye cream to your ring finger.

  • Applying a thick layer of eye cream won’t boost its effectiveness. A pea-sized amount of cream is enough for both eyes. Too much of the product will just sit on the skin without getting properly absorbed.
  • It’s better to apply the cream with your ring finger because its muscles are naturally weaker, so you’re less likely to apply too much pressure on your skin.

Step 3. Apply the cream in small dots to the skin around your eyes.

  • Start from the inner circle of your eyes, moving to the outer edges and along your brow bones.
  • Don’t apply eye cream too close to your eyes. During the day, your skin warms up and you may start to sweat or simply rub your eyes with your hands. This way, if the cream is applied too close to the eyelids, it may get into your eyes, causing irritation.

Step 4. Gently dab the eye cream into your skin.

  • Pat the cream into the skin very gently with your fingertips, preferably with your ring fingers. You should press the cream in or use light swiping strokes.
  • Be careful and don’t rub or stretch your skin. The skin around the eyes is very fragile and delicate, and it can be easily damaged with harsh movements.

Step 5. Let your skin absorb the cream.

  • If you’re going to apply makeup or use any other skincare products around your eyes, let the skin absorb the cream completely. It usually takes no less than a minute or 2. For the rich creams, you might have to wait longer.
  • Applying another product on top of the cream that hasn’t been absorbed properly may ruin your makeup, making it look cakey or decreasing the effectiveness of other skincare products, like sunscreen.


  • You should apply your eye cream twice a day — in the morning and at night — unless your dermatologist advises you otherwise.
  • When applying eye cream, carefully read the label first. Some ingredients are supposed to be used only at a specific time of day.

For example, some dermatologists advise using products that contain retinol at night because this ingredient makes the skin more prone to sun damage and requires high SPF protection during the day. On the other hand, using vitamin C during the day may help protect your skin from sun damage.

  • If you use several skincare products, apply your eye cream after you’ve cleaned and toned your skin but before you put on moisturizer or sunscreen.
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