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6 Tips on Walking in Heels Without Pain

6 Tips on Walking in Heels Without Pain

Walking in high heels might seem very complicated and even be intimidating to some. However, it’s all about the proper balance and practice. 5-Minute Crafts has got a few tips to help you master walking in heels.

1. Find comfortable shoes.

If you are new to wearing these shoes, it’s better to start with smaller heels. Look for shoes that have stable, shorter, and chunkier heels to give you better ankle support and provide greater stability while walking. To make sure your feet are secured, opt for shoes that have ankle straps or buckles. Once you get comfortable with shorter heels, you can move to platforms, strappy heels, and later on to stilettos.

2. Prepare the shoes for walking.

Many shoes with high heels have smooth soles without any grip. This makes it harder for everyone to walk in them without slipping. You can rough up the soles and add more grip to them by gently rubbing them with sandpaper and placing special stick-on insoles inside.

3. Practice at home first.

Another great way to prepare your high heels for walking outside and get some extra practice is to walk in them around your home. However, try to look for softer surfaces to walk on instead of hard floors.

4. Pay attention to the way you walk.

When you walk in heels your gait might be incorrect which might cause you discomfort and make your walk look unnatural. Do not walk toe to heel. Instead, you should put your heel down first and then move to your toe, shifting your body weight. Doing this will help you to have more balance as you walk. Slightly arch your foot to put the pressure on the inside of your shoe. This way you make it fit close to your foot and give yourself more room for maneuvers. To make your gait look effortless, keep your knee straight when your foot is fully placed on the ground.

5. Hold your posture.

To look more elegant and less like you’re waddling, use these tips:

  • Try to walk in a straight line. For this, place each foot right in front of the other after every step. Visualize a straight line in front of you that goes forward to your destination, and follow it.
  • Many people tend to look down when they walk in heels. Instead, always try to look ahead of yourself and don’t stare at your feet. You can also slightly lean back when walking.

6. Be careful on the stairs.

When you walk on the stairs, you need to change the way you walk to avoid falling and injuring yourself. When walking up, plant your toes first and transfer your weight onto them. When you go down the stairs, bend your body slightly to the handrail and fully plant each foot on the ground.

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