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How to Wear Makeup With Glasses

Glasses can help you show off your style and personality, as they can be found in hundreds of different colors, shapes, and sizes. However, if you wear them along with makeup, there are some things to consider to achieve the most flattering look.

5-Minute Crafts has compiled some makeup tips to help you enhance your natural beauty and feel comfortable in your frames.

1. Apply eye makeup according to your prescription.

Lenses can change the size of your eyes. Therefore, it’s essential to apply eye makeup the right way to get the most flattering appearance.

If you’re nearsighted, glasses will make your eyes appear smaller. So to intensify your look, it’s best to go for a pearlescent white eyeshadow on your upper lids, starting on the inner corner. Then blend in a darker color toward the outer edge. Avoid using dark eyeliner on your lower lash line. Go for white or nude tones instead.

On the other hand, if you’re farsighted, your glasses will make your eyes look bigger and magnify under-eye circles. Therefore, you can apply concealer to your lower lids and add darker shades on the upper ones along with mascara.

2. Separate and curl your lashes.

Even though long, thick lashes look nice, they can be unpractical for glasses wearers as they can hit the lenses every time you blink, making you feel very uncomfortable. In addition, this could cause eye irritation.

Therefore, the best way to go is to curl your lashes and apply a defining mascara that separates them instead of lengthening them. This will prevent your lashes from brushing against the lens and create the illusion that your eyes are more open, which can look especially good if you are nearsighted.

3. Pay attention to under-eye circles.

Dark shades can accentuate under-eye circles since some glasses tend to magnify them, making them even more noticeable.

To avoid this, go for lighter and neutral eyeshadow colors on the upper lid. To finish your look, you can brighten your brow bone and the corners of your eyes by applying a shimmery highlighter.

If you still want to try a darker shade, add some concealer to the bottom lids to make any dark circles disappear and apply some setting powder.

4. Shape your eyebrows.

In order to get the most symmetrical and harmonious look, your eyebrows should always show above your glasses. If this doesn’t happen with your current frames, follow these steps:

  1. Brush your eyebrows upward and outward.
  2. Fill in empty areas with a brow pencil or powder.
  3. Finally, use an eyebrow gel to make sure that they stay in place.

5. Wear foundation the right way.

If you wear lots of foundation, you may have to deal with your glasses constantly slipping down your nose or the product rubbing off onto the frames. In order to avoid this, pick a long-lasting matte or waterproof foundation.

Another option is to apply a thin layer of the product around your eyes and nose and top it with a matte setting powder. Additionally, cleaning your glasses regularly can also help them stay in place.

6. Keep your blush visible.

If your glasses meet the tops of your cheeks, your blush may disappear every time you put them on. However, the bottom rim of your frames can work as a guideline to do your blush easily while you are wearing them.

How to do it:

  1. Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks, right below your frames.
  2. Blend toward the center of your ears and down to your jaws.

7. Balance your frames with your lipstick.

Since glasses can draw a lot of attention to your eyes, it’s essential to do your lips according to your frames to get a more balanced look.

If your frames are bold, choose a bold color lipstick, such as matte colors, candy pink shades, or classic red. Although this can depend on the style of your glasses, make sure that your lipstick complements them.

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