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Tricks to Get Your Manicures to a New Level

If you’ve decided to do your manicures yourself, this article will help you with this task.

5-Minute Crafts is always looking for new ideas to help you look even better.

How to give yourself a French manicure

1️⃣ Put some white polish on your skin.
2️⃣ Touch the polish with the tip of your nail.
3️⃣ If necessary, fix the result with colorless polish.

How to give yourself a “watercolor” manicure

1️⃣ Apply white polish and let it dry.
2️⃣ Using markers, draw a picture. We chose flowers.
3️⃣ Pour some alcohol into a bowl and put a thin brush into it.
4️⃣ Carefully touch the drawing with the brush to make it look like watercolor.
5️⃣ Let it dry.

How to make a nail polish corrector

1️⃣ Prepare a bowl of water, a marker, and gloves.
2️⃣ Disassemble a water-based marker and put its core into the water.
3️⃣ Take out the core and the tip.
4️⃣ Put the core back into the marker and pour some nail polish remover into it.
5️⃣ Put the tip back on.
6️⃣ Remove any extra nail polish.

How to remove nail polish with glitter

1️⃣ If you want nail polish with glitter to be removed easily, put some glue on a brush (make sure you’re not allergic to it first).
2️⃣ Put the glue on your nail and let it dry.
3️⃣ Put some nail polish with glitter on your nails.
4️⃣ When you decide to change your manicure, just remove the glue layer as the photo shows.

How to give yourself a “marble” manicure

1️⃣ Give yourself a single-color manicure and put a drop of black or colorless nail polish to the side.
2️⃣ Mix black and transparent nail polishes.
3️⃣ Make some lines with the mix.
4️⃣ Add some thin dark lines.

How to make nail polish from eyeshadow

1️⃣ Carefully put the eyeshadow on a piece of paper.
2️⃣ Using tweezers, crush it into dust.
3️⃣ Put the dust into a bottle of colorless polish.
4️⃣ Stir the dust.
5️⃣ Give yourself the manicure.

How to hide gel nail polish

1️⃣ If your nails are too long and you can’t visit a nail salon, prepare nail polish with glitter.
2️⃣ Put the polish on a grown nail.
3️⃣ If necessary, use transparent polish to fix the result.

How to make an original drawing using a hair pin

1️⃣ Give yourself a manicure, prepare the nail polish of the color you want to draw the dots with, and get a bobby pin. Open it to make drawing easier.
2️⃣ Put one tip of the pin into the polish.
3️⃣ Make dots on your nails.
4️⃣ Fix the result with colorless polish.

How to make a drawing using water

1️⃣ Put on some white nail polish and let it dry. After that, add glue to your nail (make sure you are not allergic to it).
2️⃣ Pour several drops of different-colored polishes into the middle of a bowl of water.
3️⃣ Use a needle to make a picture.
4️⃣ Put the nail with glue on it through the middle of the picture.
5️⃣ Quickly dip your finger into the water.
6️⃣ Repeat with all the fingers.
7️⃣ Remove the glue with the picture.

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