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What Happens If You Wash Your Hair With Cola

At some point, washing one’s hair with cola became a fashion trend that was picked up by some celebrities. Some people believe that soda can replace shampoo or conditioner, others think of it as a good tint, and then there are those who use cola to create the effect of wet hair.

At 5-Minute Crafts, we decided to see what happens when you use cola on your hair.

Experiment 1: washing your hair with cola

Cola is supposed to be used as a substitute for shampoo. You should apply it to dirty wet hair, then rinse it with water. No additional hair products, like conditioner, are necessary.

Result: After washing and drying, the hair looked clean, but the hairs were glued together as if they were covered with a thick layer of hairspray. At the same time, the roots remained dirty, and the grease on them became sticky.

Experiment 2: using cola as a conditioner

Here, you need to wash your hair with regular shampoo first, then use cola instead of a hair conditioner. The easiest way to do it is by pouring the drink into a bowl, dipping your hair into it, waiting a few minutes, and then rinsing your hair well with warm water.

Result: The hair became shiny, soft, and voluminous, but the ends stuck in different directions. The scent of cola after rinsing disappeared without a trace.

Experiment 3: wetting curly hair with cola before washing it

You should wet your hair with cola first, leave it there for a few minutes, then rinse it out with shampoo. If you’re afraid that the cola will glue your hair together, use a sugar-free version.

Result: The cola will make your hair shinier and your curls more prominent, emphasizing their natural shape.

Concluding observations

It’s possible that the hair can become shiny, soft, and slightly voluminous due to certain ingredients contained in cola. Nevertheless, there is no reason to believe that it’s healthy for your hair. That being said, opt for professional hair products to achieve the same results.

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