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Which Cosmetic Products Can Be Stored in the Fridge

Many of us are used to storing cosmetics in the bathroom, however exposure to high temperature, humidity, and hot steam can negatively effect the quality of your favorite cream.

5-Minute Crafts made a list of cosmetics that can be stored in the fridge. The bonus part will tell you how to choose a special device for its storage.

1. Natural cosmetics

Most cosmetics contain preservatives. They are added so that cosmetics don’t go bad at room temperature. But if you prefer organic or natural cosmetics with a minimum amount of preservatives, the best solution is to put them in the refrigerator. The same recommendations apply to the cosmetic products that you make yourself from natural ingredients. Due to the lack of preservatives, it can go bad in a matter of hours, so such products should be immediately refrigerated.

2. Cosmetic products with active ingredients

Cosmetic products containing active ingredients such as retinol, vitamin C, and peptides should be stored in a cool place. This will protect them from temperature extremes and loss of efficiency.

Also, products containing probiotic elements should be stored in the fridge as well. It will prolong the life of bacteria in their composition. Moreover, such products are often produced with a minimum amount of preservatives, which is another reason to store them in the fridge.

3. Eye creams

Eye creams, especially those that go together with a metal roller, should also be stored in the fridge. First of all, low temperatures contribute to the narrowing of blood vessels, due to which the flow of fluid to the soft tissues decreases, which reduces and removes swelling. And secondly, it’s simply nice to apply cool products.

If you like the cooling effect, you can also store your day cream, cosmetic sprays, and some products for treating dermatitis. The cooling will help them to reduce itching and alleviate difficult skin conditions.

4. Perfume

Placing your favorite perfume in the fridge is also an excellent idea. It prolongs the effectiveness of the active ingredients in the perfume and also protects them from sun exposure and high temperatures, which can provoke product oxidation.

5. Cosmetic masks

Cosmetic masks, especially gel-based ones also do well in the fridge. Low temperatures allow them to constrict small capillaries on the face and reduce skin redness. Sheet masks had better be stored in the fridge as well. Thanks to the cooling effect, they will freshen up the skin and improve the face color right away.

6. Eye pencils

Hard and soft eye pencils and eyeliners should be stored in the fridge, or at least placed there 10 minutes before use. This will allow them to harden slightly and not smudge when applied. But if you are in a hurry, there is no need to wait for 10 minutes. You can place eye pencils into the freezer for a short time and they will harden much faster.

7. Lipsticks and balms

Most lipsticks and balms are based on cosmetic wax. At high temperatures, they may melt and smudge slightly when applied to the lips. To reanimate the product, put it in the fridge. It will take about an hour to bring it back to the initial consistency. If you want to avoid the loss of lipsticks’ texture, store them and lip balms in the fridge.

What cosmetic products shouldn’t be stored in the fridge

Clay masks, softening balms, and hair conditioners, as well as products with oily bases such as serums, shouldn’t be stored in the fridge. Low temperatures can affect their consistency and lead to discoloration.

Also, make sure not to place nail polish in the fridge. At first, its viscosity will increase and it will become easier to apply. However, over time the product will become thicker and you won’t be able to apply it so smoothly.

Bonus: How to choose a cosmetic fridge

Sometimes it’s worth considering getting a cosmetic fridge. For example, if you worry that the smell of food can affect the aroma of your favorite cream or if there is simply not enough space in your regular fridge.

Most cosmetic fridges work the same as portable mini-fridges for food products. They can be miniature devices as big as 5.5 inches x 8 inches that can be kept on the cosmetic table, or bigger devices with the size of 10 inches x 14 inches that require a separate shelf.

When opting for such a fridge, pay attention to the following details:

  • Temperature. You should be able to regulate is and it shouldn’t be lower than 32°F so that your cosmetics don’t freeze.
  • Removable shelves. They will help you easily organize space in the fridge in a manner comfortable for you and adjust the space between shelves according to the height of the cosmetic products you use.
  • Carrying handle that will allow you to move the fridge from place to place without any hassles.
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