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8 Baby-Parenting Tricks to Make Your Life Easier

While having and raising a child can be the most rewarding blessing for a parent, it can also be a challenge at the same time. But those challenges don’t have to be a constant struggle. 5-Minute Crafts gathered some of the most genius hacks to make your parenting life easy.

1. Put a pool noodle on your baby’s walker.

The pool noodle will act as a bumper that will save your walls from damage and your ankles from injuries. All you have to do is make a slit on the pool noodle at one side, cut it into lengths, and then fit it around the edge of the baby walker.

2. Prevent the sippy cup from spilling with the help of suction cups and a rope.

1. If your kid’s sippy cup falls often, this trick will prevent its contents from spilling on the floor.

2. Take a suction cup.

3. Put some super glue on the rear end of the suction cup as shown in the image above.

4. Wrap one end of the rope around the part where the glue was applied.

5. Put some super glue on the other side of the rope as shown in the image above.

6. Then stick this part of the rope around the handle of the sippy cup.

7. Now you can stick the suction cup on the side of your kid’s highchair.

8. Now place the sippy cup on its table.

9. Now if your child accidentally drops the sippy cup, it will hang instead of letting its contents spill out.

3. Use a balloon to help you find your child in a crowd.

1. If you lose sight of your kid in a crowded park, this tip will help you keep your child in sight.

2. Grab a balloon with a ribbon tied to its end.

3. Tie the ribbon around your child’s arm.

4. Set them free in the park. The floating balloon will help you keep an eye on the child when they’re playing in the crowd.

4. Another way to not lose your child is to tattoo your phone number on their arm.

When you’re going to a crowded place with your kid(s), write your cell phone number on their arm. Then explain to them that if they get lost somewhere and cannot see Mommy or Daddy, ask someone around to call that number. You can also put a card with your number in your child’s pocket, giving them the same instructions.

5. Transform a broken umbrella into a cute raincoat dress for your kid.

  • Before making this raincoat dress for your kid, make sure that the umbrella is big enough to fit your child inside.
  1. Take a broken umbrella.
  2. Remove its metallic attachments.
  3. Fold it in a way so that it meets one end with another.
  4. Fold it again as directed in step 3.

5. Make a slit on the folded part of the umbrella as shown in the image. This will create a hole in the raincoat where the child would put the raincoat over their head.

6. Unfold the umbrella entirely.

7. Stitch the cap part on the backside of the coat in a way so that it creates a hoodie.

8. Apply some glue to the front part of the raincoat dress.

9. Stick a rope in a U-like shape as shown in the image above.

10. Stretch the raincoat dress fully to check if you got everything right.

11. Put the raincoat dress on your child.

12. The material of the umbrella or the raincoat dress is waterproof and will keep your child from getting drenched.

6. Prevent your door from autolocking by using a rubber band.

1. Open the door that has the auto-lock hatch to its side and hang a rubber band around the handle.

2. Twist it in a way so that it looks like an infinity sign.

3. Take the other part of the rubber band to the handle on the opposite side of the door.

4. This will keep the latch inside and prevent the auto-lock from happening.

  • Make sure to remove the rubber band when you leave home as it can put your house at risk if you keep the door open.

7. Childproof electrical outlets with the help of the adhesive top from baby wipe packaging.

After you’ve finished using the pack of baby wipes, remove the plastic cover from the package and place it over your electric outlets. This will cover the outlets by closing them, preventing toddlers from getting shocked.

8. Drop a marshmallow into the bottom of the cone to prevent ice cream drips.

The marshmallow will act as a squishy plug that will soak up all the melted ice cream and prevent it from dripping onto your hand.

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