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8 Car Safety Tips for Parents Going on a Road Trip With Children

Traveling with kids can sometimes be tricky. They can become bored and uncomfortable, especially if the ride is long, but child safety is a top priority for all parents. Some parents are unaware of these safety precautions, so we’ve compiled a list of points to remember when traveling with children.

1. Use a child seat.

Seatbelts are a critical safety factor, and you must use them. If your child is small, regular car seatbelts can’t fit properly. You have to get a seat that is appropriately sized to accommodate your child correctly and to ensure that they’re safe.

2. Take a bathroom break before the car ride.

Remember to use the restroom before you leave. A wiggly passenger attempting to hold it in while stuck in traffic may cause you to miss your destination and distract you from driving. That may compromise both your and your passengers’ safety.

3. Pack properly.

When traveling with your children, don’t forget to carry a baby bag or other necessities. Baby diapers, wipes, snacks, and any other items are a good idea to bring because you may need them when you least expect it.

4. Kids should sit in the back seat.

It would be easier to comfort your child if they were sitting in the front, but you should never do this. Kids younger than 13 should always sit in the back. Front seats are designed for bigger people, as airbags can seriously injure a child when they deploy.

5. Have a sick bag on hand.

Some kids are not used to driving in a car, so a plastic bag is essential for the first ride. It would be best if you always have a bag in the car. Ensure that the sick bag is easily accessible and that you only give it to them if they need it.

6. Provide them with some entertainment.

It is essential to keep your kids entertained because that means they’ll stay calm while you pay attention to the road. Give them your smartphone, or if your car has in-seat monitors, have their favorite cartoons and songs ready to play. This will improve the atmosphere in the car and veer their attention away from the road.

7. Teach them to follow the rules.

If they’re in the car of a friend or family member, they must know the regulations, even if the other passengers do not. If your child is offered a front seat in someone else’s car, they should respectfully decline and inform the driver that they would like to sit in the back.

8. Wear the proper clothing.

Before putting your child in a seat, take off their coat or snowsuit. That type of clothing can compress up to 4 inches (10 cm) beneath the harness of a car seat. This can cause the straps to not fit correctly and put your child in danger. If you’re concerned about the cold, buckle up your child and cover them with a coat afterward.

What’s your funniest family trip story? And what’s the funniest thing your kid has done while on a road trip? Tell us in the comments.

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