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How to Choose a Stroller for a Kid

A stroller is the first means of transportation in a kid’s life, which is why we should approach choosing it with utmost responsibility. However, picking out a stroller can be difficult, taking into account all the different kinds there are out there.

5-Minute Crafts is explaining what the differences between various strollers are and how to not make a mistake when choosing one.

Types of strollers

Full-sized stroller

This option will suit you if you plan to use the same stroller during the first 2 years of the baby’s life without changing it. This type of stroller comes in big sizes and is reliable, and it’s long-lasting and functional.

The full-sized stroller has a wide, comfortable, well-padded seat with the possibility of reclining deeply, a roomy basket for storage, and an expandable canopy. Also, the full-sized stroller can have a convertible design, which makes it possible to use the stroller as the kid grows.

Car seat carrier

In a stroller of this type, wheeled frames are designed to transform an infant car seat into a stroller. These universal strollers are very comfortable and are perfect for traveling in a car.

However, kids tend to grow fast out of such strollers, and that’s why it’s better not to consider buying it if you plan to use it for a long time.

Lightweight (umbrella) stroller

The lightweight stroller (as the name suggests) is a lighter version of the full-sized stroller. It is portable and maneuvers easily. Some models even come with shoulder straps so you can carry the stroller easily after folding it.

Unfortunately, such an option is not suitable for newborns, as the back doesn’t recline fully.

Jogging stroller

jogging stroller is designed for moving fast while jogging, roller-skating, and performing other activities. A jogging stroller is also equipped with the necessary brakes.

Such a stroller normally has only 3 wheels, which significantly eases the control and maneuvering of this type of transport.

Twin strollers

Side-by-side or twin strollers are different only by the way they’re set up. In side-by-side strollers, babies sit next to each other, while transformer strollers for twins let parents change the location of babies. For example, babies can sit behind each other or opposite each other.

Any location of babies in double strollers has its advantages and disadvantages. The side-by-side stroller gives them a good view but it’s not compact. The transformer stroller is not that wide and it’s easier to navigate in narrow spaces. However, if you place its seats like a train, only one baby will have a good view, while seating the babies opposite each other lets them communicate, but at the same time, it increases the risks of sudden disputes and misunderstandings between them.

What to pay attention to

When choosing a mode of “transport” for your baby, one should pay attention to whether the stroller meets all the safety requirements. The stroller must have strong wheels, otherwise, it won’t last long. The sun canopy also plays a big role. Look for strollers with large canopies to keep your baby out of the sun or rain.

Also, pay attention to the following important aspects:

  • Where you’ll be using the stroller

Many models of strollers can be too bulky if you plan to walk your toddler through narrow city streets. On the other hand, in more compact models, baskets may not be able to fit everything you need to take with you on each trip (from diapers to your own bag).

  • Comfortable navigation

Take into account that even if it’s comfortable for you to push a stroller on a shiny flat floor of a store, it doesn’t mean it will be easy to navigate on uneven sidewalks and hilly terrain. Check how smoothly you can control it, whether you will be able to push it with one hand, and whether the wheels will behave well while making sharp turns.

  • If it’s comfortable to fold and unfold the stroller

Most likely, there will be situations when you will have to fold or unfold the stroller while holding the baby in your arms. Be sure to check if you can perform the required manipulations with one hand.

  • The weight of the stroller

The difference in weight of a couple of pounds may seem insignificant, but this parameter is an important factor when choosing a stroller. If you need to lift the stroller up the stairs while holding a baby and a bag in your other hand, it makes sense to opt for the lighter option.

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