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How to Help Your Baby Relieve Gas

Babies can swallow air and, consequently, get gassy for a number of reasons, such as feeding, sucking on a pacifier, or even crying. When there is trapped gas in their tummies, babies may seem fussy, uncomfortable, bloated, and have a hard belly. Fortunately, there are certain techniques you can try to relieve these symptoms.

5-Minute Crafts will show you different ways to help your infant child release trapped air and make them feel much better.

❗ Important: This article has been created for informative purposes only and does not replace professional advice. Always talk to your pediatrician before trying any of the following techniques on your baby. There may be important details regarding safety and effectiveness, as well as other solutions to help your little one.

I. Use the bicycle motion.

Lay your baby on their back and grab their legs. Then, gently move them in a bicycle motion in the air. This movement may help your baby pass gas and encourage digestion if they’re constipated.

II. Try a tummy massage.

Giving your baby some belly strokes may encourage trapped gas to flow, as their main objective is to move air within the intestines toward your baby’s bowels.

Here, you will find some massage techniques described in the book, Infant Massage: A Handbook for Loving Parents, by Vimala McClure.

❗ As it was mentioned at the beginning of this article, talk to a professional before trying any home remedies on your baby. If you get their approval, make sure your baby is alert, calm, and happy as you begin with the massage. Otherwise, stop immediately.

✅ Start the massage at least 45 minutes after feeding your baby to lower the risk of vomiting. If your baby’s arms seem stiff or they’re not looking at you, stop the massage and wait for some other time to try it.

✅ Keep eye contact during the massage. Start with very gentle strokes. As long as your baby seems happy, you may increase the pressure as you go on.

Hands of a clock

Imagine that your baby’s tummy is the face of a clock. Press and slide your palms in a clockwise motion starting at 7 or 8 o’clock, going from left to right in a semi-circle shape. As you massage your baby, one hand should follow the other.


Place the pinky side of your hands across your baby’s tummy, horizontally, then softly press near their rib cage and go down the length of the belly, alternating both hands.


Place your thumbs flat on each side of your baby’s tummy, right above their belly button. Then, gently press in and move the thumbs away, separating them from each other.

I love you!

Use this technique by following these steps:

  1. Trace the letter “I” on the right side of your baby’s tummy, next to the belly button.
  2. Draw the letter “L” sideways. Start at the upper left corner of the tummy and move across and down the right side.
  3. Finally, trace an inverted letter “U.” Begin at the bottom left corner of your baby’s tummy and go up. Then continue across the torso and go back down to the right.


Place your pointer and middle fingers on the left side of your baby’s tummy, right above the belly button. Then gently walk and slide both fingers across the torso, moving to the right side.

III. Help your baby burp.

Burping can help your baby get rid of the air that they may swallow during feeding. Before trying the following techniques, consider these recommendations:

  • Put a towel or bib under your infant’s chin to prevent messy stains due to spit-up.
  • Cup your hand as you pat your baby’s back. This may be gentler on your baby than keeping your palm flat.
  • Try burping your baby during and after you feed them.

Method 1

Sit down and hold your baby upright against your chest, with their chin resting on your shoulder. Support your baby with one of your hands while you gently pat their back with the other.

Method 2

Sit your baby on your lap across your knee. Support their chest and head with one of your hands. To do so, hold your infant’s chin with the palm of your hand and put the heel of your hand on their chest. Next, pat your baby’s back by using your other hand.

Method 3

Lay your baby on their tummy over your lap. Hold your baby’s head, making sure that it’s higher than their chest. Then gently pat their back.

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