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How to Make a Big Chocolate Egg With a Surprise Inside

Giant copies of favorite desserts are some of the best gifts for people that love sweets, especially if it’s a chocolate egg. You need a little more than an hour to make it, and the basic ingredients are simple: a few kilograms of good chocolate, peanut butter, and condensed milk.

5-Minute Crafts wants to give everyone a chance to try and make a giant chocolate egg with a surprise inside by following these instructions.

What you need to make a chocolate egg

  • milk chocolate

  • white chocolate

  • big plastic mold for chocolate that looks like a half-egg

  • glass bowls

  • pot

How to make a chocolate egg

Step № 1. Buy around a kilogram of good milk chocolate, break it into pieces, and put it into a glass bowl.

Step № 2. Melt the chocolate over steam. Keep it hot by stirring it.

Step № 3. Take an egg mold and pour some melted milk chocolate into it.

Step № 4. Tilt the mold in your hands to let the chocolate cover the entire surface. If needed, add more chocolate. Then, put the mold into the fridge to let the chocolate harden.

Step № 5. Melt a kilogram of white chocolate. Take out the mold with the hardened milk chocolate and pour the white chocolate into it.

Step № 6. Again, tilt and rotate the mold to spread the white chocolate evenly. Then, put it back into the fridge.

To make an empty chocolate egg, repeat the entire process by making a second half of the egg. When the halves are solid, put a toy or some candy inside and connect the pieces using the chocolate leftovers. Then, put the egg into the freezer.


How to make a big chocolate egg with dessert inside

You need:

  • milk chocolate

  • white chocolate

  • condensed milk

  • chocolate peanut butter

  • waffle pastry shell

  • nut crumbs

  • silicone molds for chocolate that are shaped like a ball

  • glass bowls

  • pot

Step № 1. For this dessert, prepare the halves of the chocolate egg but don’t connect them. Make the filling: pour melted chocolate into the molds to spread it evenly.

Step № 2. Break the waffle shells into small pieces and put them into the molds with chocolate.

Use tweezers to put the waffles carefully into the center of the halves.

Step № 3. Fill the halves with chocolate peanut butter that has been heated just a bit in a microwave and then put the whole thing into the fridge to let the layers of chocolate and paste solidify.

Step № 4. Carefully take the halves out of the silicone molds and cover the middle sections of the balls with warm peanut butter to help glue the halves together.

Step № 5. Make a ball by connecting the halves. Put a layer of melted milk chocolate paying the most attention to the seam between the halves.

Step № 6. Before the chocolate dries, put the ball into the nut crumbs. The layer of nuts should be even, so rotate the ball in the mix several times.

Step № 7. Now, take half of the chocolate egg and poor warm peanut butter into it. This will be your first layer.

Step № 8. Take several bars of white chocolate and add 300 ml of condensed milk. Heat it in a microwave oven and mix it. Pour the mix into the half of the egg to make another layer.

Step № 9. Before it hardens, put the chocolate balls inside to let them half-sink in the milk layer.

Put it into the freezer to let the chocolate harden. Done!

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