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How to Make Baby Formula

Making your first baby formula might seem like an overwhelming task at first. It’s important to do it right because that is the only food that your baby will consume in the first couple of months.

We at 5-Minute Crafts prepared a guide that will make that process easier.

❗ Important: This article was created for informative purposes only, and it isn’t recommended as professional advice. Consult with your pediatrician for more information.

Step 1: Wash the bottle.

Cleaning the bottle should be done after every use to ensure that there are no germs on it. If the baby has not finished the whole bottle in 2 hours, the formula should be discharged and the bottle should be cleaned. Before you start cleaning, disassemble all the parts.

  1. Grab a brush and start scrubbing the inside and outside of the bottle. Use soap and warm water, and clean all the parts of the bottle cap, nipple, and collar.
  2. Then rinse the bottle under running fresh water.
  3. Then put it on an unused clean kitchen towel or drying rack and let it air dry.

Tip: Don’t pat it dry because you might contaminate the bottle with germs. It is recommended to sterilize the bottle once a day, especially if the baby is younger than 3 months or has some health problems.

Step 2: Grab everything that you need.

Having everything that you need on hand can make the process easier. Put everything that you need on a clean table or a kitchen countertop. You will need:

  • Baby formula
  • A bottle
  • Clarified water or store-bought water

Step 3: Wash your hands.

Washing your hands thoroughly is important because you don’t want to contaminate the baby formula or the bottle.

  • You should wash your hands with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds, then dry them with a clean towel.

Step 4: Use the right amount.

  • Open your baby formula container. Read the instructions on the label and check the expiration date.
  • Follow the instructions to see how much formula you should use.
  • Don’t use too much or too little because one scoop is enough nutrition for the baby for one feeding unless the pediatrician said otherwise.
  • Put lukewarm water in the bottle and then add the baby formula.

Step 5: Stir, don’t shake.

  • Stir the formula with a frother and look at the bottom of the bottle to ensure there is no undissolved powder left.
  • It’s better to use frother than to shake it by hand because it eliminates the extra air in the bottle, which can lead to more burping.

Step 6: Test the mixed formula.

  • Test the mixed solution on your wrist to ensure that is at the right temperature. It should be the same temperature as your body or cooler. If it’s not, put it in a bowl of warm or cold water for a couple of minutes. Don’t try to heat the bottle in the microwave because it can create hot spots and hurt the baby.
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