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How to Pack a Suitcase

Sometimes, packing a suitcase becomes an uphill task because you need to fit in many things while still making sure it doesn’t go over the weight limit if you’re traveling by plane. But what’s most important is you not forgetting anything you need.

5-Minute Crafts offers you a perfect solution for how to make the packing process manageable, structured, and even enjoyable.

The order of actions

  1. Put all the things you want to take in one place (like in the photo, you can see clothes for a family of 4 for 1 week). Assess the amount and remove any excess items, if possible. It’s convenient to calculate clothes for everyday wear by the following formula: 1 set for 2-3 days.
  2. Start folding your clothes into the zipped compartment of your suitcase. Place items that might crease at the bottom, such as dresses or shirts.

3. If you’re planning to take a hat on your trip, place it in the suitcase at the stage when you can put other things around it and inside of it — this will prevent the headwear from creasing.

4. Accurately roll trousers, T-shirts, shorts, and skirts. This method doesn’t leave creases on clothes and helps you to see all the things in the luggage at once. If you take out one item, the rest will stay in place, neatly.

5. Put underwear, swimwear, and sleepwear in clean zip bags. Each family member must have a separate package.

6. Place fragile things between clothing items — it will prevent breakage.

7. Put big things in the second compartment of the suitcase, such as fins and swimming masks, bags, shoes, and wires. Put shoes into separate bags or cases so that they don’t make the neighboring things or the suitcase walls dirty. Place bottles containing liquids in separate sealed bags as well.

8. Distribute items evenly in each compartment so that they don’t dangle during transportation.

Life hacks

  • You can pack stuff in the suitcase using 3 different methods: stacking, rolling, or vertically in a row.
  • Put something inside your shoes, such as fragile sunglasses or jewelry in order to save space.
  • Use special organizer bags for clothes so that you can easily move them to the wardrobe upon your arrival at the hotel as well as use them throughout the trip. It’s especially convenient when the trip has several destination points.
  • To prevent liquids from spilling, open the bottle, put a piece of cellophane on the neck, and tighten the cap.
  • If you stick a “fragile” sign on your suitcase, there’s a good chance that the luggage handlers will treat your suitcase with more care.
  • You can put jewelry into pill containers as it will prevent them from tangling or tearing while transporting.
  • Cases for sunglasses are perfect for wires and chargers.
  • Dry shampoo weighs less, takes up less space, and is convenient to transport.
  • If you travel more than once every 6 months, collect a special cosmetic bag with bath accessories and don’t unpack it when you return home — this way, it will always be ready.
  • If you need to use a hair straightener when traveling, make sure to bring a kitchen mitt with you. It will allow you to do the styling, then put the hot irons in the mitten, wrap the wire over the top, and immediately put the tongs in the suitcase.
  • Hair conditioner can be used for other purposes, like polishing shoes, removing makeup, or as shaving cream.
  • Heavy items should be placed close to the suitcase’s wheels — this helps keep them more stable.
  • Make sure to put one changeable set of clothes and the most necessary stuff in the carry-on baggage in case of baggage loss.
  • Wear all heavy items and outerwear (boots, jeans, belts, jackets, coats, etc) — it will help to keep your bag from going over the weight limit.

Universal lists

Happy journeys!

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