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How to Teach a Kid to Tie Their Shoes

Many kids might find it hard to learn how to tie their shoelaces. This issue becomes even more complicated if there are motor disorders, which make it difficult to coordinate both hands at the same time. Also, it might be hard to remember the sequence of steps as well as their number. All these lead to disappointment and the lack of motivation to continue learning.

Luckily, we at 5-Minute Crafts know how to ease the learning process and help a kid master this uneasy skill.


Keep in mind several factors to make the learning process easier:

  • There should be no distracting toys or sounds in the room. Let the kid just focus on learning.
  • Learn one method at a time. Don’t try to teach your kid several methods for how to tie laces at once.
  • Opt for cotton laces. They can be in different colors to make it easier.
  • Teach them by your own example. Sit next to your kid, not opposite them. Thus, it will be easier for them to understand what you are doing. Pay attention to the fact that your dominant hands must match, that is, you both need to be right-handed or left-handed.
  • Use cardboard as a teaching material. Draw a footprint on it and color it, as if it were a shoe. You can do it together with your kid if they feel interested in the process. Make holes for laces by yourself, put laces through and leave their ends untied. If you don’t have any cardboard, you can use an egg crate.
  • Make sure to train regularly. Don’t get disheartened if a kid can’t do something. The result will come with age.

Method #1: The simplest one

  1. Tie a knot. Afterward, make one more knot but don’t tighten it too much. There should be some space left between the 2 knots.
  2. Take the end of one lace and thread it through the ring that you made.
  3. Repeat the same action with the other lace.
  4. Tighten the loops that you get. The knot is ready.

Method # 2: Circle method

It’s easy to explain this method to a kid with the help of a rhyme. Make actions with each line:

  1. “Over, under, pull it tight.” Tie a basic knot. Tighten it. Make one loop and pinch.
  2. “Make a bow.” Circle the lace around the loop.
  3. “Pull it through to do it right.” Poke the blue lace through the hole. Once you get 2 loops, pull them. It’s ready!

Method #3: “Bunny ears”

  1. Tie a basic knot. Make 2 loops.
  2. Criss-cross the loops. The red lace should be in front.
  3. Tuck the top of the blue lace under the red one and lead it through the loop.
  4. Pull the loops and tie the knot.
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