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How to Teach Your Kids to Not Take Everything for Granted

How to Teach Your Kids to Not Take Everything for Granted

It is natural for parents to provide for their children in all ways and to keep their lives convenient. But when we give too much, there can be a bit of a downside. Since everything is readily available to your kids, it may make them feel a bit entitled and spoiled. However, this can be fixed by making them realize the value of gratitude, appreciation, and humility. 5-Minute Crafts will help you get started on this.

1. Be their role model.

Kids tend to imitate their parents and then base their learning from that. In other words, you’re their biggest influencer. If you want your kid to not take you for granted, you may want to cultivate a feeling of gratitude in them. And this can only be done when you practice showing gratitude as well.

2. Teach your kids empathy.

Kids need to be taught how their behavior may impact other people. You may want to point out something they said to you that hurt you bad. You can also try quoting examples from books and movies, to teach them empathy. Ask them questions like, “What that guy said was very hurtful. How do you think his wife felt?” In this way, you can help your child identify and label words related to feelings.

3. Point out their ungrateful attitude.

The point here is to mention their ungratefulness by being specific, but without insulting them. If your kid often whines that they don’t get enough birthday presents, make them realize that gifts cost money, and people make efforts by buying something for them. When you consistently point out their ungrateful attitude, they’ll make a note of it. Just make sure that you’re not shaming them.

4. Teach your kids to always return a favor.

Train your kids to do something nice for people who may need their help, for someone who cares about them, or for someone who has helped them out in the past. When they learn to return a favor, they practice more gratitude.

5. Delay their gratification and develop a reward system instead.

If your kid is too stubborn about getting a toy, tell them to wait until their birthday or help them learn to save up their allowance to get what they want.

You can also reduce their luxuries, like limiting screen time and playdates. But never mix bribery with a reward. Instead, develop a reward system by saying, “You were a good kid today, you earned a candy.” In this way, they’ll feel good about their rewards plus appreciate their privileges as well.

6. Provide them real-life examples.

Show them concrete examples of incidences of gratefulness and generosity so that they can learn from them. You can share the good news with such appreciation that they practice those values with you. Try saying something like, “We got a new oven today. We’re so lucky to get the old one replaced!”

7. Use ’Thank You’ notes.

Kids love to draw, so you can teach your child to make a ’thank you’ note whenever there is a moment to be thankful for. Like, they could write to their father when he comes back home after a long day at work.

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