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Why There’s Adhesive Tape on Diapers

Everyone knows that the velcro on the sides of diapers is there to keep them closed while on babies. But some parents don’t know why there’s also adhesive tape on diapers for older kids.

5-Minute Crafts is going to explain why there’s adhesive tape on pull-ups and teach you how to use it.

Why there’s adhesive tape on diaper panties

Unlike regular diapers that have velcro on the sides, diaper panties for older kids, or pull-ups, usually have adhesive tape on the back. And it’s not used to fix the diaper on the body.

Manufacturers came up with this idea in order to keep the contents of the diaper inside it after it’s removed. Additionally, closed diapers in trash cans take up less space.

How to use the adhesive tape

  1. Take the used diaper off the child by tearing the side seams.
  2. Put the diaper in front of you with the front side up and, starting from below, make a roll. If you do everything right, the tape will be on the top.

3. Pull the colored end of the tape and peel it off the diaper. Don’t pull too hard — it’s important that the other end is still stuck to the diaper.

4. Wrap the loose end of the tape around the roll and fix it on the diaper.

You’re all done! Now, you can throw away the pull-ups.

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