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10 Comfortable Pillows From Amazon to Bring You Sound Sleep

Choosing a pillow calls for patience and careful choice because restful sleep has no alternative. Various factors influence the decision, such as whether you’re a back, stomach, or side sleeper, suffer from allergies or not, etc. Considering these and other things, 5-Minute Crafts has selected the top 10 pillows that will bring you a sound sleep.

1. Pack of 2, 4, or 6 machine-washable pillows

Editor’s Choice

The set of 2, 4, or 6 pillows is hypoallergenic and filled with hollow fiber. They are suitable for back and side sleepers, are machine-washable up to 40°C (104°F), and measure 74 X 48 cm.

Review: I loooooove these, maybe I’m just used to bad pillows but these are the best. Super comfy, they don’t just go flat either, nice support and they don’t get super warm either so you don’t have to keep flipping it over to the cool side!" AyeYerMa

2. 4-pack anti-allergy pillow set with a guarantee

Editor’s Choice

Anti-allergy pillows are suitable for asthma and other allergy sufferers. They’re made of anti-bacterial fibers that reduce or remove allergens. Also, two soft pillows used together provide medium comfort.

Review: “When it comes to anti-allergy bedding products, Silentnight is the best. First off, they are indeed what a person with allergy needs. Secondly, they don’t cost nearly as much as most of their competitors.” Rosanna Tarsiero

3. 2-pack Slumberdown pillows for firm support

Editor’s Choice

These pillows are anti-allergenic and are machine-washable, and dryer-friendly. Plus, they feature cooling properties since they eliminate excess moisture and are ideal for back and side sleepers.

Review: “Very, very pleased with these pillows. Ordered because they were most suitable for ’side-sleepers’, they arrived promptly and well packed. Despite some initial doubts about claims as to their efficacy, I have to say, some weeks now after purchase, I am very, very impressed.” JC Hargreaves

4. Hypoallergenic memory foam pillows

Editor’s Choice

These memory foam pillows cater to neck pain sufferers and are hypoallergenic, offering ideal support for side and back sleepers. Wash the outer jacket while leaving the insides in the sun for sterilization.

Review: “These are the best pillows I have ever purchased. They give the perfect level of support and look fantastic. If you prefer you can purchase the pillows without the blue rim to match your interiors. So soft and bouncy it feels like sleeping on a cloud of marshmallows!” Maria Rangel

5. Snuggledown pillows with duck feathers and down

Editor’s Choice

You can choose between duck and goose-feather and down pillows. They offer medium support, prevent aches, and are machine-washable. Plus, these pillows don’t contain materials causing allergies.

Review: “Quality design. Soft and comfy. The head sinks in enough to have decent support. Like sleeping on a cloud. Perfect for me.” DOROTA

6. Anti-allergy pillows for front sleepers

Editor’s Choice

Slumberdown has soft support pillows for front sleepers and medium and firm support ones for back and side sleepers. They are anti-allergenic and machine-washable. Also, you can dry them in a dryer.

Review: “And I’m so glad we did when they got they were so plump and soft, ever since we bought them when going to sleep the soft comfort of them make us both immediately drift to sleep.” terri huntley

7. BedStory 2-pack pillows for neck pain

Editor’s Choice

BedStory pillows are suitable for people sleeping on their stomachs, backs, or sides. They are ideal for sleepers suffering from respiratory issues and neck pain. Also, they offer a luxurious feel.

Review: “Once exposed they felt like feather pillows. Extremely comfy, contouring to how you positioned your head. Easy to plump up when making your bed.” wilko

8. Pillows for front, back, and side sleepers

Editor’s Choice

These breathable pillows offer a fluffy feel and premium support. They fit natural body curves, enhancing comfort while you sleep. Finally, they are skin-friendly and measure 45 X 66 cm (17.7 X 26 in).

Review: “OMG! These pillows are amazing, still so soft and bouncy. I used to use 2 pillows now I only need one of these. A MUST HAVE product for a DECENT NIGHTS SLEEP!” Suzanne B

9. Adjustable luxury memory foam pillows

Editor’s Choice

Cosi Home’s ergonomic and cooling memory foam pillows are ideal for hot sleepers craving premium comfort. Plus, you can easily adjust the height by removing and adding foam until you get the right height.

Review: “Arrived within 24 hours, soft but also supportive. I’m so glad my original selection had run out of stock and I took a gamble on this unrated but impressive-looking pillow.” Ludovic

10. Soft-filling pillows for hotel-quality sleep

Editor’s Choice

This set of 2 or 4 pillows features hypoallergenic properties and suite stomach, side, and back sleepers. They are made of hollow fiber and are breathable, which makes them suitable for every season.

Review: “Good quality pillows! If you’re looking for a soft and almost squishy pillow I would highly recommend it.” Robert glover

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