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7 Tips on Choosing the Right Sunglasses for You

Buying a new pair of sunglasses goes beyond different face shapes and shielding your eyes from the sun. In fact, it’s all about protecting your vision as a whole and choosing a type that suits your lifestyle perfectly. Let 5-Minute Crafts guide you as you select the best pair of sunglasses and make the most of them.

1. Check for UV protection.

Every quality pair of sunglasses will come with a label that says 100% UV protection or UV 400 protection. This provides the best protection for your eyes. So never forget to look at the tag before you buy the sunglasses.

You can test the glasses by using a UV flashlight. Shine it against paper money, and when the watermark lights up, keep the sunglasses in front of it. If the mark vanishes, the sunglasses have UV protection.

2. Check if the pair blocks enough light.

The main job of sunglasses is to restrict enough light from penetrating the lens. To test this, put on the glasses and look in the mirror. If you can see your eyes through the lenses, then they’re not the glasses you want.

3. Buy a pair that fits the shape of your face.

After you have verified the quality of your sunglasses, it’s time to buy a pair that suits your face shape and contours well. Here are the types of glasses frames you should go for:

  • Oval: This shape looks amazing in all frames, but the rectangular shades are the most ideal.
  • Heart: Light-colored frames with thin temples or vivid bottoms look really flattering on this face shape.
  • Square: Round, oval, cat-eye, or butterfly frames would look best. Also, going semi-rimless can balance the jawline well.
  • Round: For such shapes, look at horizontal, rectangular, and classic styles.
  • Triangular: Triangular shapes go well with cat-eye shapes and aviators.
  • Oblong: Deep and broad frames, like aviators, round ones, and wayfarers, would make the face look balanced.

4. Consider the lens color too.

Now that you’ve selected frames for your face shape, it’s time to choose the lens color that fits perfectly with your lifestyle. Here are a few to pick from.

  • Gray: This color is suitable for driving and outdoor activities. These are also ideal to put on if you live in sunny areas.
  • Brown/amber: Such shades are a good fit if you want to be able to look at far distances, like when playing sports like golf. But they’re really not recommended to be worn in cloudy weather conditions, so don’t put them on while driving.
  • Red/pink: These are the best for winter sports activities, as they help at adjusting the contrasts around you. Also, they’re a must-have for computer users and gamers because it blocks the blue light and reduces eye strain.
  • Blue: These lenses are appropriate for winter conditions too, plus they provide a really fashionable look when you put them on.
  • Yellow: If you’re involved in activities that require you to focus on low-lights and hazy weather conditions, yellow lenses are the right choice. They’re a great choice for pilots, tennis players, target shooters, computer users and gamers, and many more.
  • Green: Since these shades tend to dim the glare while brightening shadows at the same time, they are perfect for water or field sports, and they also protect your eyes on foggy, cloudy, or bright days.

5. Learn about polarization.

Polarized sunglasses cut out the reflected glare of the sunlight when it bounces off smooth surfaces, such as water. Make sure that these glasses provide UV protection as well.

6. Beware of darker lenses.

Such lenses may make you think that the darker the shade, the better. The sunglasses must offer you UV protection, no matter how dark the colors may seem.

7. Give photochromic lenses a try.

When these lenses are exposed to bright light, they darken up automatically. Plus, they also become lighter when exposed to low light conditions. As these glasses fall under the UV absorbent category, they do take a few moments to adapt to various light settings.

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