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A Guide on Types of Fatigue

Fatigue is an inevitable companion that can join us on weekdays and even weekends. A daily lack of energy can prevent us from functioning normally and affect our quality of life.

5-Minute Crafts created a short guide on different types of fatigue that may reveal it’s high time you took a vacation.

What fatigue is

Fatigue is the feeling of a lack of energy and motivation for full physical or emotional functioning. Fatigue is not a disease, but it is often a symptom of some ailment. It can usually be eliminated with good rest. As a rule, the feeling of fatigue appears as a result of physical or mental activity.

There are different causes of fatigue, such as:

  • Medical (health issues)
  • Workplace-related (connected with work)
  • Lifestyle (habits, nutrition, physical activity)
  • Emotional issues and stress

Types of fatigue

  • Social: This appears as a result of engaging in long forms of communication with other people. You can feel it after having personal communication, correspondence, responding to comments on social networks, as well as during video calls. This kind of fatigue can be the reason you’re not feeling that well.
  • Emotional: This happens when a person feels sad or upset for an extended period of time. If your body experiences negative emotions for a long time, it gets tired. A lot of energy is spent when a person feels sad, and that’s why these emotions are accompanied by exhaustion.
  • Mental: This type of fatigue is similar to physical fatigue, but the difference is that it’s your mind that’s tired, not the body. It manifests itself after prolonged mental stress. Mental fatigue can cause a low mood, insomnia, the inability to concentrate, a loss of motivation, and difficulty completing simple tasks.
  • Physical or muscle: This is the result of physical activity and performing various vigorous exercises. After receiving the load for some time, the muscles are not able to work optimally, and a person’s overall performance decreases.
  • Pain: In order to cope with pain, our body spends not only emotional but also physical energy, which is why a person might feel tired during an illness. It can also appear when pain prevents a person from sleeping well.
  • Chronic: This is a very strong type of fatigue that a person experiences for an extended period, as long as over 6 months. This condition is new to a person, it prevents them from performing daily activities fully, and it doesn’t go away after rest.
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