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How to Break a Fever

You have a fever when your body reaches a temperature that is higher than what is considered normal, and it makes you feel sick. To help you with this matter, 5-Minute Crafts has listed 6 things that you can do for a quick recovery.

1. Take your temperature.

You should always start by taking your temperature and assessing your symptoms. If your temperature is above 100.4ºF, you have a fever and need to start taking precautions.

2. Stay in bed.

Resting can be very helpful in this situation as it can help you recover more effectively. Doing any activity can raise your body temperature and delay the healing process.

3. Keep yourself hydrated.

Fevers can cause dehydration, so you should drink plenty of liquids to prevent it. Try to stick to water, juice, or broth and avoid coffee as much as you can as it can have a negative impact on your ability to sleep for a good recovery.

4. Remove extra layers of clothing.

Remove excess clothing and blankets and try to keep yourself comfortable. Do your best not to get too cold but not too hot either. Lightweight clothing is the best option.

5. Use a fan.

If you’re in a room that is hot or stuffy, keeping a fan at a low setting is a good idea to help make the temperature of the room cooler.

6. Take tepid baths.

Take tepid baths to ease symptoms and make you feel more comfortable. Never take cold baths when you have a fever because this can cause your body to warm up instead of cool down.

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