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How to Choose Dumbbells

Dumbbells are some of the most popular sports equipment. They are great to use both at home and in the gym. But choosing the right dumbbells, especially if you are a beginner, might be a difficult task.

There’s no universal answer to the question of “What dumbbells to choose?” It all depends on your goals. Fortunately, there are some important facts you should know that can make the choice easier. 5-Minute Crafts suggests that you read the information here to help you make your choice.

Adjustable dumbbells

There are 2 basic types of dumbbells: adjustable and fixed. Adjustable ones are great for beginners and those that want to have equipment in different weights but not enough room to store a lot of fixed dumbbells. You can just buy different weights and put them on the handle. But it’s hard to do drop sets with these dumbbells (drop sets are a type of exercise where you switch weights quickly).

Fixed dumbbells

Fixed dumbbells are probably the most popular. They are usually sold in pairs and can weigh from 1 to 100 kg each. Small gyms usually have dumbbells from 2.5 to 30 kg in weight but it depends on people and their physical abilities. For example, weights from 50 to 100 kg are more often used by bodybuilders. The best thing about fixed dumbbells is that you can switch weights really fast.

Shape and material

Dumbbells might have different covers: there are models made of chrome, rubber, vinyl, and so on. Rubber ones are good for the home because they won’t damage the floor and the furniture, which often happens with metal dumbbells.

Vinyl dumbbells attract attention with their brightness. Their size is easy to see when switching pairs fast and they are pretty smooth. They could be a problem because if your palms sweat a lot, the dumbbells might slip out of your hands.

When it comes to shape, dumbbells can be round and hexagon-shaped. It’s better to use the latter if you work out at home because they won’t roll around on the floor.

How to choose your weight

After you’ve chosen the type of dumbbells you want, all you need to do is choose the right weight. Women are recommended to start with 2-4.5 kg, and men — with 4.5-9 kg. But it’s all individual, so it’s better to consult a coach.

You can see if a certain weight is good for you this way: stand straight, holding the dumbbells at your hip level. Keep your palms down so that your shoulders and your elbows touch the wall. Without moving the upper part of your arms, lift the dumbbells to your shoulders and then put them back down. Try doing this from 14 to 22 times. The point is to see how hard it is for your muscles. Ideally, it shouldn’t be too hard or too easy for you. Remove or add weight if needed.

Also, there are some others things you should take into account. For example, your health condition and physical shape at the moment. If you had an injury and stopped working out for a while, it’s better to choose a lighter weight to avoid complications in the future.

Finally, determine your goals. If you just need to keep your muscles toned, you can use lighter weights and do more reps. If you want to make your muscles bigger, you need fewer reps and more weight.

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