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How to Get Rid of Plaque on Your Teeth

When we eat, the bacteria in our mouth mix with sugary or starchy foods and make acids. They in turn mix with saliva and make plaque — a sticky film that builds up on the teeth and along the gums. If you don’t brush your teeth well enough or use dental floss, the plaque hardens into tartar. Tartar is much harder to remove and it’s almost impossible to do without a dentist.

5-Minute Crafts is going to tell you how to get rid of dental plaque and prevent it from hardening into tartar. And at the end of the article, we share tips on how to prevent dental plaque and keep your teeth healthy.

1. Brush your teeth well

The simplest way to remove dental plaque is to brush your teeth well. To do this, you need dental floss, toothpaste, a toothbrush, and mouthwash.

  1. Use dental floss to remove leftover food from the spaces between the teeth. Don’t forget to floss the front and back surfaces of the teeth.
  2. Brush your teeth with toothpaste for 2 minutes. Keep the brush at a 45-degree angle to the gums and move it back and forward with round motions. Brush the teeth surface and also the tongue.
  3. Wash your mouth with mouthwash. Many of them contain fluoride to protect your teeth from dental plaque.

2. Use special toothpastes

The manufacturers of tubes of toothpaste offer different ways of dealing with dental plaque. They should contain sodium pyrophosphate, zinc citrate, or sodium hexametaphosphate. These chemicals prevent dental plaque and tartar from appearing.

3. Wash your mouth with oil

Washing your mouth with oil is a simple way to fight bacteria in your mouth. A study with 60 people showed that this procedure helps reduce the amount of tartar by 50%.

Coconut oil is perfect for washing your mouth. It contains fatty acids and has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial features.

To wash your mouth:

  1. Put a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth.
  2. Wash your mouth for around 5-10 minutes.
  3. Spit out the coconut oil into a container or a paper towel. Don’t let it go into the sink because it might clog the pipes.

Aside from coconut oil, you can use olive, almond, or sesame oils.

4. Use baking soda

Baking soda is really effective at removing dental plaque because it’s a natural abrasive. A study showed that the people that used baking soda to brush their teeth removed more plaque than those that didn’t use baking soda.

Baking soda also protects teeth from demineralization — a chemical process that makes tooth enamel lose calcium. Besides, baking soda also has antibacterial properties and helps prevent cavities.

5. Visit a dentist

If the dental plaque is hardened and turns into tartar, the only way to remove it is to visit a dentist that will use special tools to remove the tartar. Dentists also use fluorine to protect the teeth from plaque.

Doctors also recommend special sealants to put on the back teeth. They also prevent plaque from appearing and protect your teeth from cavities.

How to prevent plaque and tartar from appearing

The best way to prevent dental plaque is to have healthy habits and brush your teeth often enough.

✅ Brush your teeth 2 times a day. Use fluorine-containing kinds of toothpaste. Do it for at least 2 minutes and try using electrical toothbrushes. They are believed to be more effective.

✅ Use floss at least once a day. It will help you remove the food remains and bacteria from the spots you can’t reach with a toothbrush.

✅ Eat fewer sweets and drink less sugary drinks. If you eat something sweet, it’s better to brush your teeth if you can.

✅ Visit a dentist every 6 months and get a professional cleaning.

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