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How to Make a Face Shield

How to Make a Face Shield

A face shield is a great, useful, and cheap thing you can make at home with almost no effort. 5-Minute Crafts will show you how you can make one very easily in only a few steps.

  • A standard sheet of A4 paper
  • An A4 PVC sheet
  • Glasses
  • A small jar lid
  • Scissors
  • A razor
  • A pen

Step 1

Get an A4 sheet of paper. With the help of a small jar lid, make the 4 edges of the paper round by marking them with a pen.

Step 2

Put an A4 PVC sheet on top of the paper and join the round edges. Make sure not to fold the paper completely to avoid creasing.

Step 3

Cut the edges with scissors so that they’re round.

Step 4

Next, take the normal sheet of paper and align it horizontally. Measure 2 inches down and one inch in, starting at the end of any upper round edge. Mark that spot with a dot. Then create 2 lines on each side of the dot — the space left in the middle should be big enough to fit the temples of the glasses.

Do it to both sides of the paper. You only need to do this on 2 of the edges, not on all 4 of them.

Step 5

With a razor, cut the 4 lines so that the glasses’ temples can fit through it. Make sure the PVC paper is now underneath the standard paper one.

Step 6

Now, take the PVC paper and insert the left temple of the glasses through the 2 lines on the left side. Repeat the same thing with the right temple. You should end up with the glasses behind the PVC sheet. Make sure the PVC parts between the lines stay on the inside of the temples.

Your face shield is now ready to use!

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