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How to Make Yourself Burp

Burping, also known as belching, can come as a natural reaction after swallowing air while drinking or eating. However, sometimes it may be necessary to encourage the release of gas by yourself to relieve bloating and abdominal discomfort.

5-Minute Crafts will show you 5 simple techniques to force a burp in order to feel comfortable again.

Important: This article has been created for informative purposes only and does not replace medical advice. Consult your doctor if you’re experiencing excessive gas and discomfort.

Method 1: Drink a fizzy beverage through a straw.

Pour yourself a glass of sparkling water or soda, and drink it quickly by using a straw.

Method 2: Drink water from the other side of a glass.

Pour yourself a glass of water. Then, bend over as if you were bowing and put your lips on the opposite side of the glass. Lean the glass so that you can drink the water slowly by taking small sips. Finally, stand up straight.

Method 3: Drink a glass of water while pinching your nose and holding your breath.

This will prevent any excess air from being released as you drink, making you build up more gas pressure in your stomach and consequently burp.

Method 4: Suck in air into your throat.

Get air into your mouth to build an air bubble in your throat. Then, use your tongue to block the front part of your mouth to slowly release the air.

Method 5: Swallow air.

Exhale to empty your lungs completely. Then, take a deep breath and hold in the air for as long as possible. Breathe out and inhale one more time swallowing the air.

Method 6: Trigger your gag reflex.

Wash your hands thoroughly and lightly touch the back of your mouth with your finger. Do not add too much pressure while doing this in order to prevent vomiting, which is not the goal.

❗Keep in mind that this method should be used as a last resource and only if the previous techniques do not work.

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