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How to Make Yourself Pee

When your bladder is full, the need to urinate comes as a natural signal. However, there could be situations in which you might need to do so on command, like when you’re taking a urine analysis, or simply when you’re using the bathroom before leaving your home for a long trip.

5-Minute Crafts will show you some simple techniques in case you need to trigger the urge to pee.

1. Listen to running water.

Before urinating, turn on the faucet on the bathroom sink or flush the toilet. The sound of running water may cause the need to pee. Playing audio tracks of water flowing may also help.

2. Bend forward while sitting on the toilet.

This may add extra pressure on your bladder, which could trigger urination.

3. Tap or press your lower abdomen.

When sitting on the toilet, repeatedly tap the area between your belly button and pubic bone with your fingertips to encourage urination. Tap once for every second for up to 30 seconds.

You can also sit on the toilet bearing downward as if you were pooping. Then gently add some pressure on your lower abdomen with your forearm. This method is known as the Valsalva maneuver.

❗ Make sure not to press on your bladder, as this could cause infection or other health issues.

4. Touch your inner thigh.

Caress your inner thigh by using your fingertips while sitting on the toilet. You may feel like you need to pee afterward.

5. Try to relax.

While sitting on the toilet, close your eyes and start to breathe deeply, making sure to relax all your muscles in your entire body.

6. Use the smell of peppermint oil.

Sniffing peppermint oil may trigger the need to urinate. Just pour a few drops on a small cotton ball and smell it while you’re sitting on the toilet.

💡 You can also put some drops of peppermint oil into the toilet to get the same effect.

7. Place your fingertips in water.

Pour some warm or cold water in a small bowl or into the sink and hold your fingertips there until your feel like you need to urinate.

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