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How to Use Mouthwash Properly

Mouthwash is a product for additional oral hygiene. It comes in handy when you need to get fresh breath, restore an acid-base balance after meals, and prevent the development of cavities.

5-Minute Crafts has prepared instructions on how to use mouthwash correctly and will tell you what nuances you should consider when choosing this product.

Mouthwash ingredients

It’s important to remember that using mouthwash doesn’t replace brushing your teeth or flossing. You should perform these procedures as you did before. But with mouthwash, you can improve your hygiene if the product contains the following ingredients:

  • Fluoride (sodium fluoride) reduces plaque formation and prevents tooth decay. If your toothpaste also contains fluoride, be careful when using an additional product with this ingredient. Perhaps it’s better to use only one product with fluoride and choose another one without it.
  • Antibacterial ingredients (like ethyl alcohol and chlorhexidine) kill germs that cause bad breath, gum, and dental diseases.
  • Whitening ingredients (such as hydrogen peroxide) help get rid of tooth stains and reduce plaque.
  • Odor neutralizers (like menthol and eucalyptus) freshen the breath.

Step 1: Brush your teeth.

Start with a basic oral hygiene routine — floss and brush your teeth. If your toothpaste contains fluoride, wait a few minutes before using the mouthwash. Otherwise, the product will reduce the effectiveness of the mineral.

Step 2: Measure the right amount of mouthwash.

3 tsp to 5 tsp are enough unless the label states otherwise. Pour the mouthwash into the measuring cup that ususally comes with the product.

Step 3: Use the mouthwash.

Swish the mouthwash around in your mouth for 30 seconds. You can set a timer or just count in your head to 30. Never swallow the product — it can be dangerous for your health.

Step 4: Take a pause.

Spit the mouthwash out and try to refrain from food, water, and cigarettes for 30 minutes after the procedure. This is especially important for products with fluoride, which needs to remain on the surface of the teeth for some time in order to have the best effect.


  1. The mouthwash can be used twice a day during basic hygiene procedures or after meals to freshen up your breath and restore the acid-base balance. In the latter case, skip the first step and start rinsing immediately.

  2. It’s not recommended to give mouthwash to children who are younger than 6 years old, especially if the product contains fluoride or ethyl alcohol. In large quantities, these ingredients can be harmful to children’s health.

  3. If you’re using the product because of bad breath, it’s better to visit a doctor who will determine the reason behind this problem first. Mouthwash will mask bad breath, but the problem will still bother you if you stop using the product.

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